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  • Yes, a dark cloud did past but let the record show that the dark cloud, much like a bean burrito, has passed.
    Same here. I set aside some money for Modern Warfare 2. It comes out the day I get unsuspended from school, so I guess that's no good.

    What are you looking to buy?
    I remember those days too. But I soon learned how to play forums and here I am now.

    What've you been up to?
    Sounds like a good idea. Take it easy and get a good night's sleep. I'll catch up with you tomorrow. Hope you feel better. Goodnight ^_^
    I had a feeling that he was.
    I'm about to head to bed in a few. Just wanted to see what you've been up to. How's everything going?
    I love Sanzo's remarks and the fact that's he's a priest who carries a gun to shoot demons. And, I love the trash talking these guys do. They might as well be brothers.

    Which is what makes you a great friend ;) I have faith in you so don't worry. You'll get it done ^_^
    I love those guys. Especially Hakkai and Hakuryuu (he's so cute). I found some of the episodes on youtube the other day. Which great since it stopped coming on t.v. Just when it was starting to get good. Who's your fav character?
    You're a great friend. So when am I going get a chance to read these stories mister?
    lol I didn't even notice that. Well what can I say? You inspired me.
    Work has been a little crazy but otherwise I'm doing alright. Have you written any stories?
    Yeah, the childhoods of that group is something that the story's been playing around with for a while now.

    I'll be interested to see the relationships in the group. Also, I'm hoping we'll be able to see a bit of what the school was like... however long ago this was. I'm not actually sure how old Antimony and Kat's parents are.
    I tried to order it, but I had canceled my old credit card so it screwed up.

    I have yet to try again, for some reason.

    It looks awesome, though.
    If there was a reason, I've forgotten it too.

    By the way, Livvers is also a Gunnerkrigg Court fan. I'm not sure if she's up to date, but I introduced her to it and she liked it.
    Hah, I had this avatar for years before I switched to Rorschach.

    I was getting tired of people talking to me about the Watchmen movie (which I have yet to see), so I went back.
    XD Its cool, I just felt messing with you. I actually look forward to seeing what you'll change it to. Todo me parece, Bonito! ^_^

    How's was your day?
    When I logged on there was a pic a little girl as your avi so I clicked on and guess what? She disappeared. When I got to your page, there was a different avi and now you've changed it again lol.

    Why do you confuse so Awesome True? See what you made me do >>:lick:
    Cool. I'm staring at Oni 3 on my tv and chatting with some peoples. I have to go through the church with Michelle and I got killed by the stupid Gordos. So I'm just taking a break right now. How was your day?
    I wouldn't want it any other way. :)
    Enjoy Street Fighter, I might buy it myself later on this month, then we could probably have a go. Catch you later.
    I know, I'm all for Street Fighter.
    I just meant, you're quitting SWF? Meaning you won't be here any more?
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