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  • There's a TKD entering KoC2, that's not you is it?
    Yeah, I remember playing your marth back in the day, and it seemed weaker than your other four characters (kirby, g&w, luigi, ics), but yeah maybe you've been training it more? And yeah, marth dittos are also sort of whack. Like it's possible to be good marth and be really bad at marth dittos.
    And what were the crews? I've always want to be in a crew battle, but ain't no way I am making it into USA v. the World or Norcal v. Socal. haha
    Gold Dart
    Gold Dart
    It was a double character draft crew battle. Nothing super hype. The guy I 4 stocked was drunk, so that made it a lot easier to 4 stock him.
    I was there. It was pretty hype. LF was Eddie Mexico vs Santi. Santi went Yoshi, which made for a very entertaining match.
    I think I've finally got the hang of the Marth match up thanks to you. I only regret two things about wgf
    1. The bair I muffed at the end of my match against kobayashi 2. How badly I played against Bryant in pools. It's safe to say that you've improved, seeing how you took games off of people who 3 stocked me.
    It's unfortunate that we were both in the same pool at wgf, and niether of use made it to bracket...I had a chance to take a game off of kobayashi in pools, but I chocked... I was impressed to see that you had taken games off of so my people in our pool.
    Puff is kind of lame I guess, but she is still a good character to know how to use. Thanks for the compliments! I still have a lot of room to improve, so I'll keep working on it.
    That seems like a really good idea actually. Is anyone else going to be at the lodge with you? I won't be able to get to UCSD on Thursday, but hopefully you'll get to play with ycz, or onionchowder. Even if it's frustrating keep playing against as many people as you can. It's the only way to really improve I think. btw puff seems like a good secondary character for you. Once we found that combo of puff and kirby we owned in doubles
    We forgot to do pichu dittos yesterday XD If you ever want to play some more smash during break just give me a shout.
    I just realized that I can't make it to UCSD on Monday,so we'll play at my place. Feel free to use the driveway to park.
    I'm busy all day Sunday, but I'm free for Monday. Did you want to play at my place or UCSD. I don't know how many UCSD players are still in town, so theres a chance it will just be us again
    You actually do a good job of forcing me to make mistakes when I play Kirby. You just haven't developed the technical skill to capitalize off of my mistakes yet. Both of our play styles are still developing,after all I still manage to get shield grabbed 50 times in one match XD
    That is a major problem with low tiers. I find that I can't use Kirby in singles to much because people figure him out so easily. But maybe I'm just not versatile enough yet. I have seen DJ Nintendo's Bowser before, but I don't think I saw him at Rom 5. He makes bowser seem so fast.
    Now that I think about it,you don't seem to use as many Fairs as other marths.I don't know if that has anything to do with the matchup though. I'm always in SD, so we should be able to get some games in. I started playing pichu last week,and like you said he's really fun to play. We should do pichu dittos when we play next.
    I'm afraid kirby is just about as bad as the tier list claims...Although, he does do well against other low tiers such as Roy,Ness,Bowser,and DK. It turns out that one of my doubles matches was recorded.It's in a one hour long compilation of matches from that day. It isn't one of my better matches.
    Both me and Tom were getting trash talked, although I'd say it was mostly directed at Tom. Then again,everyone was rooting for Tom and giving him advice when he was thinking of how to conterpick me...It was confusing *_* And yeah,I thought people were supposed to root for low tiers too... I also played as Luigi,G&W, and Fox. I failed as fox though.
    I don't think I was ever too distracted by anything (except for sung trash talking me) , I just wasn't focused enough on the way I should be playing. It didnt help that I missed most of my attempted wave lands. In singles I only went Kirby against Tom. I went Kirby most of doubles though. Either Berkly is more dead than I thought,or everyone is focused on finals like you said. At least you gave it a shot.
    I teamed with JC, who is a SDSU Fox main. We've both been playing for about the same amount of time, so we didn't expect much. The only uploaded video I'm aware of is Grand Finnals Fly vs sung. I made alot of bad decisions during my matches, and it felt like I just couldn't get focused... Oh well, I'll just have to use more F-tilts next time!
    My first tournament match was a doubles match against Wes and Fly Amanita WTF!? Over all I was disapointed with the way I played that day. I did have a hype match against a Ganon main called home run Tom though. I managed to take a set off of him with kirby despite the pressure of everyone in the room watching.
    Thanks,I'll need all the luck I can get just to make it out of pools. I heard that they were going to record some matches, so hopefully some of mine get recorded.
    Thanks for comming out to play! The SD Triweekly is actually next week, so I'm glad that I got some practice in today. Let's hope no one there spams F-tilt XD
    We'll be playing at UCSD. It's not going to be much of a turnout, but oh well. There just aren't many players here this week.
    If there are any SDSU players still in town this week we'll play at my place, but if not I'll try and find some UCSD players.
    Luigi's recovery is probably worse than Ganon's,but I don't really know anything about Ganon ,so I can't really say. I heard the same about Ganon vs ICs, but I don't really know why the match up is in Ganon's
    I'm not really any good with ICs ,I always mess up the chain grab. I can wobble though. I also started using Luigi a bit,but his recovery is just so bad.
    I think WGF is near the end of winter break, but I'm not sure. I think it's good to try other characters. Lately I've been playing ICs,Fox,Marth,G&W,and of course Kirby. I love low tiers but Pichu requires some much pactience to play. Kudos to you for giving him a shot though, most people don't have the guts to play low tiers
    Hopefully we'll round up some people for a smashfest that week. Do you know if you'll be here for Winter Games Fest?
    Yeah, ycz almost beat KoreanDJ at Mass Madness last year,so he's pretty legit. I've watched that combo video before but I never knew that he was in it.
    well theres only one way to get good.

    Playing =)

    btw, you'll need a a new name cuz we have a TKD...and hes well known in SoCal.
    Hello sir, I ask myself why you do not present yourself to our local community since you do live in San Diego and we a pretty nifty group of people. Aim me sometime

    Aim- HeyHavok
    Hey this is MARS (the link you played earlier), sorry my connection got ****ed. Great matches tho, your marth is really good. Let's play again sometime.
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