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  • Dude! I just saw you on stream! I was rooting for you, but too bad you had to play against Hugo :/
    Yeah that sounds good! and I don't think I do. Yeah so my girlfriend, her friends, and I are going to seaworld tomorrow. I asked for a time estimate and she wasn't sure. I'll pm you my number, so if you give me a text, I can let you know when we're done. And yeah I think I might need your address. Can't wait to play you again!
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    Gold Dart
    Had a lot of fun playing you again! Thanks for visiting
    Sorry, haha I hadn't log onto to my account in a long time. Yes! Had tons of fun playing and hope to play you again sometime soon.
    Eh, maybe I improved a bit. That tournament helped me with the falcon match up as there were so many there. And yeah, melee/fighting/human-human interaction is weird like that: Josh 3 stocks me in his worst match ups, but he loses to Tom, who I went down to last game/last hit with. And awesome that you almost took a game off of Kobeyashi. Were you there for LF/GF? Sadly, I had to leave early.
    Yeah, it was kind of annoying being in the same pool, but in other ways it was cool to play you "for real" (even if I got 2-0'd haha). And our pool might have been pretty good since Tom beat Josh and he was the lowest seed? (Or maybe it was average, who knows). And nice work on Kobayashi, as he double 4-stocked me! It looked like you were playing pretty good that tournament, and you beat every marth I saw you play, so that made me happy. I didn't do as well as I'd like, but I felt like I improved a ton from that tournament, so that was super helpful.
    Hey, I am thinking about coming over in about an hour and a half. (Assuming no traffic) Would that be all right with you? Also, do you have a doubles partner yet for WGF? (Sort of tempted to do a puff/kirby team haha)
    Yeah I always feel bad when I select her, so I try not to play too lame as her if I can. (Though I do go for the up throw rest a lot...) And don't worry man, you earned them. Would you be down for a smashfest this weekend? I think we might get a decent turn out. Well it's hard to predict, but if the regulars turn out plus some combination of wahwahjudd, pheonixlament, ycz, and onion chowder, then that would be pretty cool.
    Nah no one else it seems. I mean feel free to come over if you want. haha I am about to go to a dentist appointment at 2, but then I'll be there. And yeah, ugh I hope it happens because both of them are so good and I want a salty rematch against ycz's falcon. I like puff in some ways, but then I sort of don't like her because she is kind of lame. But yeah, we really had a good rhythm with the puff/kirby combo. And you were kicking so much *** yesterday. Especially those ice climbers. I am really impressed with how much you have improved.
    Oh yeah we did! Yeah they would definitely be pretty fun. I was telling myself that I didn't want to smash again until I got a crt, because it was really frustrating for me last time, but since onionchowder was only going to be here until thursday, maybe there will be another smashfest this thursday? Actually, since I am going to be around the area today I am going to go to UCSD and just practice on the crts up there today. haha
    Yeah, I would imagine that many UCSD players wouldn't be in town, but maybe some people FROM SD are back in town? (Like YCZ? I still want a rematch against his falcon haha) The more the merrier, but I'd be perfectly to happy to smash with only you. Monday would work pretty well for me. I'll post on the SD melee thread.
    Yeah well I think it's hard not to get shield grabbed as Kirby since his range is so short and he doesn't have much shield pressure. Anyway, want to smash Sunday? Or are you busy? Ugh, I have this huge itch to play.
    Well, I tend not to use fairs all to much, because it seems I get cc'd -> dtilt a lot. (maybe this is a spacing issue though?) Haha pichu dittos would be fun, though I have to say I haven't played him in quite awhile. In general my experience with low tiers against my friends up here is: I choose a new lowe tier, I manage to gimmick my way into a win for awhile, but then they figure out my gimmicks and then I lose. :( Though, I do miss mewtwo quite a bit. Speaking of low tiers, did you see DJ Nintendo's Bowser at Rom5?
    Yeah, I guess you're right. Ugh, it's just a little frustrating, because I feel like even if you outplay me, as marth I should be able to shut kirby's options down, and force you to use degenerate strategies, even if you can outplay me using those alone. But I feel like I still haven't figured out how yet. I've been mulling over some things, so I guess we'll have to see if any of those work next time we play. Will you be in SD over break speaking of which?
    Yeah, that is sort of weird. I think people might have a soft spot for ganon, but I mean COME ON it's Kirby dammit! haha Actually though, maybe I'm biased because I get my *** handed to him all the time, but do you think Kirby is bad as his current tier list position suggests? I dunno, like I understand why he is like as bad as zelda say, but he seems better than Bowser/Pichu to me? And yeah, I think it's really hard to make it as fox, since most tournament goers know the match up inside and out. :/
    Wait Sung was trashing talking you? I thought people were supposed to root for low tiers. Too bad I couldn't have been there. haha And who else did you play as in singles? And yeah, I think it's just finals week plus I think my post got buried quickly, so that didn't help either. I stopped playing with the guy I usually play with, so I definitely need some practice up some.
    When you said you couldn't get focused, what were you getting distracted on? Was it nerves or what? And did you go Kirby the whole time? And good news! I finally reached out to some people! But, unfortunately no one responded :( Probably due to finals and all though.
    That's hilarious about Wes and Fly, but really rather unfortunate :( Who did you team up with? But that's great to hear you did well against that guy's Ganon! Are any videos uploaded? I'd love to see them. And yeah, I can sympathize about the whole playing poorly that day. I remember when I'd go to tournaments for tae kwon do, some days I'd just feel on fire and others I'd step back three years of training in one day. I wish I knew how to deal with it (though I am sure there is a way), but I do understand how it feels.
    Oh wow! Good luck! I wish I could be there but I hope you humiliate some people with your Kirby. haha And don't worry I haven't let the 2013 metagame out yet, keeping it secret so I can win Apex. Seriously though, good luck! I hope your vidoes get streamed or recorded.
    Yeah I suppose that is to be expected somewhat. But I don't mind, as I am determined to win this 90-10 match up! haha So it'll give me a few more tries. What time works best for you?
    Yeah Saturday would be great! And I am impartial where we play. I guess whatever is convenient for most is fine with me.
    Yeah I am not entirely sure why the match up is in his favor either. Maybe it is due to the large knockback on his aerials making him harder to shield grab and how a fair will kill nana early? I dunno. Oh thank you very much! That would be great! And I think I am uniformly free on Thursday - Sunday (maybe not Sunday evening though). I guess what matters most is what works best for everyone else. Definitely excited to play you all again.
    Yeah Luigi's recovery is pretty bad. Is it even worse than Ganon's? Actually, this one of the main things they tried to fix about Luigi in PM. And well, if you can beat my marth regularly with your kirby, I am sure that I will still uh "learn a lot" by playing your ICs even if you don't think they're polished quite yet. haha I have heard Ganon has a good match up against ICs, so maybe I'll try that?
    Well, I don't know how seriously I play him, so I definitely don't deserve the credit, but I do find him fun at the very least. And that's cool you're playing IC's. I really have no idea how to play the match up so it'll definitely be nice to get some practice. Though, I am a bit worried how I'll do against you when it's better than a 9:1 match up. haha And luckily, semester based winter breaks are generally longer than quarter based ones, so I should be able to make WGF.
    Yeah I would love to get some smashfests in then. And when is WGF? I'd love to go. Although, I am moving away from marth and have been playing a lot of characters lately (pichu and ganon are pretty fun haha), so I probably should focus some time before then.
    Wow, now I am even more impressed. I just presumed he was just another guy way better than me. haha (It makes me wonder who the guy beating him with Doc was) And I will probably be in SD Wednesday evening through Sunday evening most likely. Not a terribly long amount of time, but enough to learn some new tricks. (I'll be here for 4-5 weeks during winter though.)
    Yeah, that seems to have helped. haha Yeah, actually it's pretty nice since frequent short smash sessions are generally more effective than long infrequent ones and I do feel like I have gotten a lot better. (Though still not on any of your guys' levels though haha). And did you know ycz was in this video? Makes me feel slightly better about almost getting JV 5'd by him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dj_54hAA3f0
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