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  • I have 103 at the moment. Can't get that dreaded Mini Top Hat to complete the Collect all custom moves, headgear, and outfit challenge. The 50 hours challenge also needs to be completed.
    I barely use Smash Run these days. Only used it to collect the custom moves. xD
    Much better than Smash Tour though.
    Same, but I finally got a Wii U and Smash Bros. is pretty nice. Other than that.. nope, nothing. If anything I'm bored as usual.
    Yeah. You know what's funny? In December 21, 2012, at 12:00 AM, I listened to Kool and the Gang's Celebration for some reason. Maybe to celebrate? :troll:
    2010 > 2013 / 2014 > 2011 > 2012

    Oh god, that prophecy. I always knew the world wasn't going to end in that date so I don't know why so many people were afraid of that. Maybe they took the date wrong?
    I see. You know, 2011 seemed like a continuation of 2010 at first, but the days passed by, things began to be awful. 2012 was even worse, I was depressed at the end of that year. 2013 and 2014 aren't bad, but not good either. It just doesn't feel the same.
    Yeah. I don't know why but I consider 2010 to be the best year of the decade. The years after that were either boring or dissapointing. xD
    Oh, forgot about that last comment you made. It was alright I think. Nothing new.
    Well, this is basically the game I've been wanting for years so it's pretty cool. Handheld Smash Bros. is pure genius.
    Agreed, the game runs really fast, there's combo potential, I didn't have problems with the default controls, and I could see everything in the small 3DS screen (I have an original 3DS). I'm really liking this game.
    Metal Gear references and Snake himself were removed completely from Smash 4. Maybe the favor (Kojima wanting Sakurai to add Snake in Brawl) has been accomplished.
    Oh I see. I'm not affected by their removal. xD
    There's lots of unique characters to play as, so that's something.
    Yeah I want to test the game and how is it like playing Smash Bros. on a handheld console. I'll probably test Mario the most to prepare for Dr. Mario. *trollface*
    I couldn't get the special demo because users were taking those codes real fast. I tried getting one, and almost went to download it, but I got an error at the last minute. The demo is coming out in Friday so no problem with that. xD
    I don't know if Sakurai said that.. but yeah. We'll have to see when the game comes out or when someone leaks the true roster in early September. I was in a WTF moment when Duck Hunt, Bowser Jr., Dark Pit, Dr. Mario and Shulk showed up.
    Ah, I see. I've been bored today. Did you see that character selection screen ''leak''?
    Indeed. Both cover arts are very nice, especially the 3DS one in my opinion. xD
    Yeah. I don't have a 3DS XL, so if it does come out for the US, I could get it, no matter if the game is preinstalled. If it doesn't come out, I'll get the normal red + black model instead. I like the white model though.
    Oh, I see. That's nice. In the other side of the planet, have you seen that limited edition XL with Smash 3DS pre-installed that's coming out in Europe for now?
    I heard they're going to release a MK8 update that fixes the online capabilities of the game. That must be great. xD
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