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  • I literally owned the Zelda boards!! ...Really, I don't know how that happened though... lol

    You sure did.

    Brought the whole place down by yourself.

    Must have poured some salt on a wound is my guess on why it happened.
    Well I can't take all the credit. I should be giving props to [Obnoxshush/Dasshizer] for staring the raid in the first place.
    Greetings from the Zelda social.

    We hope you enjoyed your visit, as we enjoyed your company as well.

    Come join us again sometime to join in on our fun and welcoming community.

    We hope to see you soon! :)
    Rosalina is part of my lifestyle now! Got a problem with that, *******!?
    Try not to type offensive words please...it feels irritated to me...
    Rosalina is part of my lifestyle now! Got a problem with that, *****es!?
    Oh. The only amiibo I've seen in action was a friend's Samus amiibo and I liked it lol.
    I see. I might just get the amiibo I want for collection purposes (and because they look nice) instead of playing with them. xD
    Not the MTP way of course... but yeah, that might change.
    That's cool. I haven't bought one of those yet. I'll probably wait until the Dedede amiibo comes out or something.
    They are forgiving him, actually. Well, not in the amiibo department, of course. He isn't probably going to use the fake persona anymore now that he told the truth or he can just use it for jokes.
    He was just doing this fake persona all this time and he'd like everyone to forgive him for his actions. His opinions in his old videos are real but he was doing them in a more exaggerated way, which is why you see the F bomb being thrown over 9000 times in the videos.
    Looks like Mariotehplumber apologized to everyone and turns out it was just a fake persona. I forgive him. He isn't like that IRL it seems.
    I don't see what's the problem with liking a female video game character. He must know this. I'm surprised he isn't mentioning Classic Sonic on the video or anything, and talking about that, I bet he'll buy lots of Sonic amiibo figures just because he hates the design.
    If you saw his old videos then you'd know how he takes the word "hentai" to the next level. It's like, anything he dislikes he calls it that.
    Uhh, I'm not sure if I can say those kind of words here, so I don't know how I'm going to quote his words. If there's a way to censor them then it's possible. lol
    Well, uh, if you don't change your icon from one containing Rosalina to another one, he'll block you just because he hates the character. He's pretty much calling everyone who likes the character.. names.
    Actually, people are replying like that in his amiibo video. His replies are so funny.
    People in this world are like that, man. In the end that'll just prompt Nintendo to make even more, and he gets rekt as a result. :troll:
    Oh yeah, I suffered from that. It's just because of a movie lol. I couldn't get the images off my head, so it was hard to get rid of it. Thankfully I'm no longer depressed now.
    Also in the other side of the planet, there's some amiibo scalper named Mariotehplumber that for some reason hates Rosalina. Heard of that?
    2014 is also the year I never got depressed since 2011, which was the last year everything went fine up until the former year came into fruition.
    Indeed. I decided to keep the same artstyle since I liked it and stuff, although I've been planning on making the new one since like early December or so. It's just an icon, so it's not that important. I just want this year to be good.
    Yeah, I pretty much used the old one as a base. I fixed some of the problems found in that icon with the new one. Aside from that, nothing new I guess lol.
    Well, this year is going good so far, much better than before. It's more like a combination of 2010, 2011, and 2014 meshed in together to form the current year. I made a new icon in January 1 too.


    Left is the old one. Right is the new one.
    Yeah. Is it because the Wii U and 3DS don't share a similar architecture like Nintendo's next generation handheld and console? :troll:
    Indeed. Too lazy to collect everything all over again on the Wii U version. I wish they could add the ability to copy everything to the other version.
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