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  • Yea pro-wario's shouldn't be effected toooo much. I hope not atleast. Outta all the top tier I think wario is my favorite to watch. he doesn't have any incredibly annoying gimmick like lazors, grenades, or nanners. Hes just really good. Then again watching him air camp is stressful just watching it. X_x
    Pffft cmon not even a chuckle or a sarcastic remark for that last comment? ,:3

    So hey, how do ya feel about the new ruleset allowing infinites now? Ya think that'll effect wario's placement? I'm not too sure yet. I know he can be infinited out of grab release, but hes hard to grab in the first place. Wario's these days nearly never get grabbed (let alone punished for moves)
    I think the cons out way the pros
    For example, he has short range....and hes fat and unattractive.

    So im curious. Why is wario considered good? I've never fought one before, but i've seen them in action. And I know how annoying air camping is but there is anything else other then his air movement that makes him really good? I need all the help I can get, i'm a scrub. :3
    Tim!~ I just wanted to confirm if its alright for me to stay over your place tonight. I just like to double check if everythings a go

    if its alright, I'm not 100% sure exactly what time I'll be there. Manny and I are gonna watch The Shining before he leaves for Greeley. Idk if he wants to anything else after that but if anything should change I'll let you know
    K...so my AiM crapped out on me again...so I'll have to redownload it.

    But just wanna say that I lol'd at the anaki thing. Then I wanted to discuss jablocks like you brought up...
    Is it because they aren't epic combos like - is based around?
    hey what time do you think you'll be passing loveland, i might need a ride idk, so gimmie your phone number and ill text you in the morning or something
    Hey the time for the meetup in the Springs tomorrow has changed: 7:00-11:00 p.m. same place, different time. Thanks!
    Hey! Hope you got your game face Saturday! It would be nice to get some friendlies in with ya as well. Also Good Luck!
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