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  • Is it possible to do the fest on saturday instead? I have a tourney on sunday in an MMORPG I play (it's a turn-based tactics game like FF Tactics, Disgaea, Tactics Ogre, etc), and it starts at 1pm. I already registered, and I wouldn't like to keep my opponent teams waiting while you drive me from the fest back to the base (plus the time it takes me to get a taxi and stuff).
    Which gate? There's two gates that lead into the base. The north gate?

    Lol I'm sorry I ask too many questions, I'm just one of those guys that likes to have everything set beforehand so I can sleep easy at night. :p
    10AM sounds good. My number's 224-875-0556.

    So I should be at the base's gates at 10AM, or at 10AM you'll be leaving your house to come get me? How many people are going, and should I bring my Wii in case he has an extra TV (if more people are going)?
    I can do sunday morning too. When do you plan on starting the fest? If it's real early, and you're okay with it, I could spend the night there.
    Sorry about that, wasn't available. On tuesdays and thursdays I wake up at about 4:00-4:30am to work out, so I go to sleep early. Also I have to be in my schoolhouse at 7:45am and in uniform every day, and I work around high voltages, so i can't go out during the weekday til late (technically I can go out til late, but I don't want to be tired for school).

    Anyway, at some other time, as long as it's not monday or wednesday, I can go to a smashfest and simply sleep like 4 hours before class instead. That's the amount of time I used to sleep back in IL anyway, since I played games all night long until I got tired.
    No problem at all. Spread the word first, then I'll see what I can do about getting a ride, since you work on evenings I assume you can't both pick me up from the base then drop me off there later.
    I've got the basic school times, from mornings 'til like 3:00pm. I wake up to work out early on tuesdays and thursdays too (usually up at around 4:45am), and my free days are saturday and sunday. Just like if I was at school.
    I can do that. We'll have to see who in Pensacola would be willing to run smashfests though, and I don't know anyone yet. :\
    I just got to Florida a month ago, and will leave on July 31st earliest. Plus my permanent address is in Puerto Rico. I don't think getting a car is a smart idea. :\
    Hey man, you going to Mink's tourney? I'm looking for a ride and stuff, I'm definitely okay with helping out with the gas money and anything else needed.
    I'm at work until 12:45 tonight central time.

    I'll add you when I get home
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