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    Thanksss men!!...that is the idea...i hope in one day...an latin amerincan tourney that will be awesome!!!!...everything community of SA its welcome here!!!!...

    BTW in brazil do you have an national tourney?? or a BIG tourney??...we are interesting for any invitation!!!!!
    lool. That title is full of awesome. Now I want to switch my title back to "86400 seconds in a day" xD.
    So I've been suuuuuuper late on making matchup synopsis' If I wanted to write them for the ones I didn't cover, would that be acceptable? (Basically I wanna make a big post for ICs, Marth, Wario, DDD, & Pikachu, is that ok)?
    Oh man. Sorry for the late response.

    Well off the top of my head, there's videographers, mathematicians, and testers. Though those are from '08, so they might be somehow outdated.:urg:
    Well, for one thing, the Smash Lab had been dead for a good while then. It was only recently revived by Veril. So you shouldn't worry about it too much.

    Also, you don't need to only know about frame data to get in. There are quite a few different "jobs" smash researchers have. Because of that, a good amount of hackers have gotten into the Smash Lab; because through hacking, they gain a better understanding of the game's mechanics. It's a common misconception though.
    Okay, so, you're probably not going to believe this, but I don't think Falco has an actual chaingrab on ROB. I did the walking CG and the running CG, buffering, etc., but ROB could usually just airdodge after the first DThrow, fresh, 0%.

    Taken from the Falco board's CG Breakdown thread:

    Walking Chaingrab : 0-18% (2 times)
    Running Chaingrab : 0-18 % (2 times)
    Counters : Jump (18%); Fair (?? %)

    I don't know. I'm no Falco main, I might've done something imperfect when chaingrabbing. But I suggest you take the Falco board's word for it. Two grabs seems right given decay, knockback, and hitstun. Also keep in mind that the thread stated that the CG data was gathered in training mode, which has no decay, but it doesn't give moves the "fresh" bonus either. I tested in an actual match though, refreshing DThrow as neccessary and SDing to put ROB back to 0% after each trial.

    Post this in the thread if you want, or I could if that's what you'd like.
    Hey Mike, sorry I haven't gotten the CG data to you yet. :S I've been stranded without access to a Wii since late Friday, but I should be able to test by later today.

    Although, I was wondering. Would you like frame data, I.e., stun, Falco's IASA, etc? If you do, that might take me a little longer to gather.
    i already did, i just have to upload them and there are 120 of them, and i only post when i have them all done

    Can you please delete this Social Group created by me or I can do so? If it's the latter, how?"

    To delete a social group you created, you must first delete all users in the group (other than your self).
    Sure, go ahead, you don't have to ask!

    I gotta say though, i'm not home atm, so i might not be there when you add me.
    Hey man, sorry about ignoring your VM for so long. Just been so busy lately and am just now trying to get on top of things.

    Will add it to the link to the thread soonish.
    Smash quase sumiu do DF! Ultima vez que joguei foi no kodama :p, fora que nem te vi la moh paia xP!! To mais focado em alguns outros jogos estilo dota se pá. Smash falta pessoas para jogar, mas eu do uma lida de vez em quado e acompanho os torneios internacionais :p! Mas só na moita mesmo, até da 1upsmash eu to parando de ir :p.
    LoL, backroom? Que massa hein xP!! Infelizmente larguei da vida de..... smashboards :D!!! Smash sempre na veia, mas postar e debater não é oque era antigamente. Parabéns pelo backroom, acredito que eu esteja meio atrasado mas parabéns mesmo assim! Representando o brasil no smash :D! Parabéns mike
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