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  • Oh I see.

    Alright, at some point just PM me what you look like so I can find you there =)

    I think it's going to be fun. Just a few weeks away!
    So, am I gonna being seeing this Roy of yours this weekend at Insane Triumph this weekend?
    Are you the same Jerm that plays Melee Link? Or is that someone else like Germ or something.
    ****n you jermsies. Not really, but does that mean Gnes isn't coming either? And who else was supposed to come with you guys?
    Gay link I shoulda won that after the 3 stock first game! I hate you!!!!!!!!!!! XD
    Dang lets go fitting the trend...hahaha ump is standard...and naw man...scar can be one round kill with fmj and stopping power...ump not so much.

    Scar is ********...ive been using famas(bling) with red dot and silencer...its the only way i can get decent kill streaks on gay stages like estate/wasteland. If i try any other set i do bad
    Go 43-4/51-8 with 22/24 kill streaks...

    but i admit that is impressive with tact knife
    Alright sweet. Keep reppin the TL in texas...gonna get set up for the superbowl
    Alright thanks man.

    When are you guys updating the TL rankings btw?
    Oh really? Dang...ha I will be instate and I guess I will be able to travel more.
    lol...your toonlink is easily top 5 already. I need to stop suiciding so I can prove myself...only a few more tournament before I get ready for college
    Wow good **** hyro...Whats ironic about that is that Jash beat Zen's falco yesterday when he was around 140% and Zen aas at 40%...the last part of Jash's Up B connected and hit Zen's falco off of the ledge and Zen fell to his death.

    Hopefully I can make it out of pools if I go...
    There really isnt. Just bomb at the beginning of each stock until 30% or so of laser damage then start approaching. Powershield the lasers and remember dont fear the first laser if they're SHDL'ing just quickly run through them if they attempt a SHDL and grab them or something. Jumping is a no-no. They'll side b if they're in danger, always expect it and punish it. Easier said than done.
    Meh falco >_>

    Hyro losing to lee was sort of a given (hyro is amazing but they play against each other a lot)

    Whobo2 is April 2nd-4th right?
    Why? Anything in particular? TL limitations/weaknesses, the game as a whole or is it a char u hate?
    U played melee? Which char? I was at a smashfest all day yesterday, more like a meleefest since nobody touched brawl. lol. Good **** btw. Hyro is too good.
    Well If Ur Not Real Big On Brawl Wifi I Got A Ps3 Oh And Are U Into Final Fantasy Lol I Am Fo Sho Anyway Peace Out Laterz (^_^)/
    I Love Chie Hehehe Anyway I Pretty Much Know All U Can About Tl Regular Link Is Actually My Main Character Im Just Wonder Since They Mostly Play The Same What Combos Could I Create With Tl ;) I Do Love His Down Stab Lol
    Tl U Did U Mean Toon Link If So Sure I Take Sum Advice I Have Been Playing Smash Bros Since The Begining Lol But Im Sure I Could Still Learn New Tricks
    I Love Chie I Chose Her As My Girlfriend N Real Life I Would Be Atracted 2 Her Lmao But Its Not Real Hehehe I Have Played N Beat P3 And P4 And I Beat P1 Main Story But Im Working On The Extra Snow Queen Quest Now (^_^)/
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