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  • I think you were trying to speed up your appointment with Billy, but messed up the ingredients in teh cocktail.
    Wow. All in one night.@,@
    That must've been a grand 'dilla.
    That sucks:(.....
    Because, if you did, it'd be too much too handle. But don't worry, you will. Trust me.
    That's what eating limabean-corn-mustard-cheese quesadillas will do to you.
    I hardly evar dream.
    Do you dream often, or are those just the little dreams you have?
    H O L Y S H 1 T man, you must have a gut of steel!
    I mean, I'm Mexican, and I would eat that, but minus teh mustard. *.*
    And mornin' to ya to, Ace.
    I slept so crappily. And I had a disturbing dream.
    Not disturbing in the nasty way, but disturbing as in weird.
    Lol, well, you know what they say; "Great minds think alike!"
    So, what's up?
    I can't Brawl till tomorrow, because my mom is being a jerk....
    Yes. Hey, think you can take my ava and make Pika hold a burrito? Kthnxbai

    Sorry if I sounded like a jerk, I was quoting DemonFart when he says Kthnxbai.:(
    Well, by skittlez, I mean, well, whenever we would play tennis for teh lulz, whenever my freind scored, he would say "Skittlez!" as in skillz.

    But what you said works too. :D
    So that's your secret, huh?
    I wanted to stick in my earbuds, but my mom was gonna be home any second with groceries, so I needed to be alert to help her unload.
    If I would've been listening to Crush40 (XD) or Disturbed, I think I would've done better, no johns.
    Hey Ace, ggs. Your Lucario ***** on MGS4.
    There were a lot of close matches again, huh?
    Lol, Sensai, but it's alright.
    Gyro is actually crucial to ROBs gameplay, especially SHed Gyros, Gyro-Cancels, and for GTing.
    But if it'll help me beat you, I guess I'll take it!
    Ok, well, a gif is a type of picture file. An animated gif is a clip of video compiled from many gif pics, that can be saved as a picture file. Go to my BRoom for one of my newer gifs.
    hey... had some trouble getting on recently...

    I just logged on earlier today... and I might get on tonight, but otherwise I don't know when I'll be on after that.

    don't get me wrong! I'm not giving up, but until I get my own computer... I'm basically under SWF lock-down.

    Sees ya soon (hopefully!)
    Yeah, I had already finished teh FIRST set of 63,500, which took me about 90 minutes, and I was halfway through the SECOND set. I was trying to unplug the charger, and I guess I bumped the card......
    AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad088: :mad088::mad088::mad088::mad088::mad088:
    Wow, this sucks. I was almost done, almost gonna get Darkrai, when the game froze. I had to restart. DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    o.O WTF?

    Man, this is gonna take a while. I'm on this one part where you have to take 63,500 steps.
    70 minutes.

    So, what other events have you gotten?
    So far, I got Regigigas and teh level 50 Dragonite.
    Lol, applesauce.
    I would have gotten Darkrai from TRU, but it was on moving day, so I missed it.
    But, well, I'm a glitch addict.I am OBSESSED with discovering glitches.
    For example, me and one of my friends discovered like, 20 somethin Super Mario Sunshine glitches.
    For example, I discovered a glitch to cancell out teh music and just leave SFX, to make Yoshi hop, etc.
    Ok, so you've heard of the surf glitch in teh Japanese versions that lets you into a black abyss soes you can get Darkrai and Shaymin, but it was taken out of the N.A. versions. Well, lemme just give you a link...
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRKPj4tcybE It's pretty cool, and I FINALLY got it to work. Darkrai and Shaymin, here I come!
    Lucky. I was supposed to be attending an art camp and take some classes for Indigenous music, so we cancelled our bi-yearly vacation, but both of my activities were cancelled.;______;
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