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  • What's the point of having AIm if you never GET ON AIM. Seriously, GET ON AIM!!!!!!!! I really just want to ditch these spammers and just play you. I don't mind Star staying, but ROB69 spams B moves everytime we play.
    holy **** sup i thought i lost you

    uh yeah, prbly dun remember me but, join :)

    there are like 12,000 of us there.....
    The reason why I befriended was because I supported your side and the Pkmn trainers in that little argument with a few Marth mainers earlier today. I have nothing against the Pkmn trainer or Marth, their both good characters and also another reason why befriend was because looking for good players to brawl against for my group I am starting in a couple of weeks but don't know what to call it thou. And don't worry, I'm a friend, not a enemy.
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