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  • Hello SSBBDaisy,

    I remember chatting with you about Brawl being so vacated which is true btw. You mentioned it's difficult to find Brawl players these days which of course is true. We never got to brawl yet, would you like to brawl? Here's my Brawl code man: 5074-0626-2224 Have a good one. Thanks.
    Hey I know your signature isn't made to insult anyone, but your use of the word 'gay' is seen as distasteful by many. In respect to others around you, could you please change it to something more appropriate! Thanks.
    hey bud, if you're worried about being able to eat for the tournament i'll pay for your food, just come
    Daisy! I'm sorry but I won't be able to go to Miami. I have my car and all but I won't be able to go. Hopefully I'll see you all in April if you are going to Pizzano's.
    Hey you mentioned you needed a carpool to Gainesville for the tournament, do you know any others who might wanna ride?
    Yo ****, teach me how to do the tripless cg, i dont know how to buffer
    Daisy, I don't have your number anymore, but if you have mine, text me. We need to play some brawl, seriously. Awal is right about getting NoFlo together, and that means bringing Jax to life.
    Thanks but I think Sax isn't to interested in brawl anymore. He still does tourneys n'stuff but not that many. I'll still try and see if he wants to come. What do u mean Gville?
    Jus tell Sax its 2hrs away. We normally have 15-20 ppl and I kno 4 a fact that Gville is comin I just talked 2 Ryo. I'm workin on pcola now. If u n Sax come I'll try to help u guys out on gas since its jus 2 of you.


    Jus hit me up @ (954)618-9548
    hmmm. I wouldn't mind going but eh only if I can car pool with someone I've known for a while :p. I'm kind of hoping to car pool with Sax to a tournament in April that is, if he still is interested in going :p. I don't know if that is the same tournament.
    Hey dude! I saw u were from Jville in an Orlando post! But I'm interested in linking up NFL. I'm hosting 2 tourneys in April and since we are only 2 hrs away I was interested in having you guys come out. Last tourney had a great amount of ppl.

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