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  • Ah yes, and one more thing is that the custom avatars and profile picture uploads got fixed :) what a relief :)
    Hello again Fay, there's a SSBB tournament coming up and here's the link for the details: http://smashboards.com/showthread.php?p=5005013
    NOTE: don't forget to train and master wall of pain techniques because by the look of it, this tournament won't be easier than expected. Do anything you can to get better, I can't though since I don't have a wii. I'll just have to rely on studying game mechanics and imagine in my head, not much I can do. But as for you keep practicing so you can win! (this tournament is for a charity fundraising so it's for a good cause) everything you need to know will be in that link that I posted above.
    Hey mate!
    welcome to smashboards :)
    You can find the most information here about Marth in smashboards from damage ratio to flaws and advantages, all the technical talk you need and so enjoy. Yours truly, Fakeman
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