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  • Not exactly. When you shield an attack, you go through hit lag (both you and your opponent freeze briefly). After hit lag, your opponent's attack continues, and you're stunned for a certain amount of time. After the stun is over, you're free to grab, jump (and thus up-smash or up-b, since both are actions that can be done during a jump's start-up) or drop your shield. Frame advantage refers to how many frames before your opponent can act you come out of stun. For example, if you have a frame advantage of 5, it means your stun ends 5 frames before the opponent is done with his attack.

    Dropping your shield takes a certain amount of time. For most characters, 7 frames. So if you want to use an attack that isn't an aerial, Up Smash or Up B, you need to wait 7 frames while your shield drops, and THEN you can use that attack.

    When you powershield in Melee and vBrawl, the hit lag and stun stays the same. However, you become able to do any attack during those 7 frames you should normally be lagging from dropping your shield. Your frame advantage hasn't improved - you still have to wait the same amount of time to become unstunned - but now you have more options. You can jab, tilt, or use side smash/down smash as early as you're allowed to grab or jump, without waiting for shield to drop.

    However in Brawl+ there is a code that increases the amount of shield stun, because vBrawl has very, very little. That code didn't affect powershielding. So if in vBrawl you were stunned for 4 frames, and in Brawl+ you're stunned for 10 frames, powershielding in Brawl+ only gives you 4 frames even though it should normally give 10 frames of stun. Besides having more options, you're able to act sooner. The debate was whether or not that extra frame advantage was something that needed fixing.
    Believe me, it doesn't work that way. The part about recovering with almost no delay probably refers to the fact you can use any attack out of your shield without having to wait for it to drop. However, if you load up vBrawl with the Debug Pause code (so you can advance the action frame by frame) you'll find that your character is stunned for the same amount of time when you powershield and when you don't. It worked that way in Melee too. The only frame advantage it originally gave was not having to wait to drop your shield to use attacks that aren't grab, up b or up smash.

    OK, so I didn't technically make the game; I just texture edited (actually, it is called sprite editing, but texture editing sounds better), music editing, and a bit of model editing. So, I have this final product:

    Download Link to Cat Mario.rar

    Download it, and copy & paste the folder in it (called CAT MARIO!!!) onto your Desktop.

    OK,so controls are just like a normal Mario game, but powerups generally hurt you (after playing this a lot, u will see what I mean), lots of stuff is incredibly unfair (again, just play the game, you will understand), and you are shaped like a cat! So, the game is called Cat Mario. There are only 4 levels, and each one of them is very hard. If you need help, just look around on youtube for stuff like "Cat Mario Walkthrough" or something. The levels all have really good music that I like, and there is an extremely epic piece of music that you will hear on the last level, if you get that far. There are infininte lives, (you go into negatives, lol) btw, but you can't save your progress, so don't quit the game constantly. Right now,I can get to the last level without losing more than 30 lives, and I am actually GOOD at it (I have never beaten the game,lol).

    Tell your friends! NOWWWW!!! *or just copy&paste his huge wall of text, and say that cookiemonster posted it).
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