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  • Hi, can I get a link to your Brawl air speed data?
    ah ok, anyways here's is a forum from smashers from PR. www.boricuagaming.com

    that's our new forum. we have tourney in May 1 in Guaynabo. there's going to be Brawl singles and teams and Melee singles and teams. so that if u feel like going go the forum for specific details. :) also there's some people here that plays Brawl+
    Doval, u live in Puerto Rico!? in what town? I am from Ponce/Yauco. idk maybe if u play brawl or melee u can go to tourneys over here.
    It's probably because I'm not as Brawl-savvy, but isn't that what the whole frame advantage thing is? After powershielding an attack your shield automatically drops and you can cancel the "stunned" animation with any attack?
    Hey Doval, I saw you make a post about powershielding in the Near Gold discussion thread and not wanting to cause a break in the discussion over a minor detail I figured I'd just tell you right here.

    The frame advantage granted to someone who successfully pulls off a powershield in Brawl was indeed an intentional buff to powershielding. It was deliberately put in by the developers of vBrawl. Here's the quote and source:
    "<Perfect Shield>

    The enemy closes in to attack. You draw him or her closer, then closer still, and just before the blow connects...

    Clang! You just performed a perfect shield! You’ll recover from the blow you just blocked with almost no delay and are in a perfect position to launch a counterattack!"

    K, I'll make some time for that some time today. I'm only going to upload the edited PACs if that's all right.
    I haven't had much time to be able to hex in those ledge changes you made yet and haven't updated any of those characters yet aisde from I think camelot updating a few.

    Do you think you could hex in the ledge ranges with the latest build (and whichever chars camelot updated) and then post them back up?
    Good to see another die-hard Mega Man fan, heheh. Then again, shouldn't really be expecting much else in that thread, huh?

    Personally I'd like to have at least one Mega Man 9 power, since MvC2's Mega Man moveset had two Mega Man 8 powers (which was of course the most recent game back then) but none of the MM9 powers seem all that feasable.

    I think Tornado Hold would be an excellent move. Rock Ball was pretty cool both in MM8 and MvC2 but most Smash stages don't have walls and it would be pretty redundant with the Soccer Ball item as well. Leaf Shield is also pretty popular and rounds him out pretty nicely.

    I guess my runner-ups would be Top Spin because it could make for a pretty neat "back off" move. Kind of a 5% damage, set knockback semispike move that would push the enemy away like 1/4 of Final Destination's distance? It'd be kinda like Fox's reflector in mid-air but without stopping your momentum and more horizontal than vertical. Sword Man's Flame Sword would also be pretty cool for a powerful close-range attack. Snake Man's snakes would be pretty lulz. But who am I kidding, I'm just mentioning them because, well, I always found it to be such an absurd power, yet he makes it look cool.

    I'm a bit torn between Rush Jet and Flight Adapter. Rush Jet is old school but Flight Adapter is so god****ed cool, and if someone ever were to make Bass it would serve as a counterpart to Bass's Treble Boost.

    Basically I'd like to see him end up with 3 non-redundant power-ups. One direct projectile is good enough, especially when it's his signature attack. The other 3 powers should serve different purposes.
    Well, sorry for being so vague. I was more like wondering which moves did you want to be implemented?

    I've played all MegaMan games too, luckily. Hahaha. Guess that's another fan over here.
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