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  • Next tourney Super Smash Con 2017 and I really need to work on Punish game and killing off one grab. My neutral and conversions are decent
    Mid-level Falco players to beat MGFC CupofJoe, DekuNut, ContiMike, Switch. These are just players I've lost multiple sets off of in tourney
    I can't beat mid-level Falco players with my Sheik, it's so annoying it's the only thing holding me back in tourney...
    I'm proud of my Sheik, I'm improving so fast! I just need to work on not doing stupid things in neutral, and punishing hard.
    My tech skill is near perfect, so now that my MU info is broadening I am beginning to win tournament sets against good people.
    One year and three months later from when ADVANCED and I started we've become so well rounded in this game. I am ****ing hyped for this year
    Ten months of playing competitively has just finished and I feel so accomplished, my Shiek has grown so much technically!
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