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Recent content by Saph66

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    Smashturbation! Melee. IT'S LIKE THE THING THAT JUST KEEPS DYING!!!!

    me and probably 4 other kids are coming again.... =)
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    Isaac (Golden Sun) in SSBB thread

    WOW buddy, ROFL does Metaknight ring a bell to you? He has the fastest normal attacks in the game so far. lmao how can u miss him?
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    Worst **** of a Noob Videos (With your Marth)

    Ahhh, Leefan needs lots of help :(. lol ****
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    Isaac (Golden Sun) in SSBB thread

    So true, sword users are good and cool. And besides, its not like Ike is any good right now lol. Isaac has more than just sword attacks.
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    Isaac (Golden Sun) in SSBB thread

    For Venus lighthouse, we could start off battle at the bottom and it rides up the tower eventually through different levels of the stage with the elevator thingy. And get to the top.
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    Isaac (Golden Sun) in SSBB thread

    Issac pwns them lol.
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    Isaac (Golden Sun) in SSBB thread

    Yea I agree, we need it updated or a new one. New pictures, information on Issac, and more possible movesets would be very nice.
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    Isaac (Golden Sun) in SSBB thread

    Icon theory is dumb.
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    The Lucario Shrine

    I'm sorry lol. However, u gotta admit ur comparisons weren't that good and just made up.
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    Isaac (Golden Sun) in SSBB thread

    Yo Dave, I remember seeing your moveset from before, what did you put for his Up B recovery move? I want his Up B to be his Meggido move from his Sol Blade, going up and hitting a fireball down. It would be soo cool!
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    So Ike is the first __________ character in Smash Bros series. (PoR & RD spoilers)

    Yes, this topic should be closed, its stupid.
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    Isaac (Golden Sun) in SSBB thread

    You guys prefer Issac wielding Gaia Blade from GS1 or Sol Blade from GS2? I would like Issac to wield Sol Blade in Brawl since its basically the strongest and coolest sword. With a cool ability. =)
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    Black Knight for Brawl (SPOILERS AHEAD)

    >_> Frigg guy, you got a spoiler in there and ruined it......the non blessed armor thing. Please warn of spoilers or put it in black.....wow.
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