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    Important Ultimate Buffering System

    There are more weird exceptions. If you teleport cancel on a edge, a buffered aerial(hit and hold) will always result in a nair(same as smash4 I think?). For Meta-Knight(Not for Ridley, Jiggs, Kirby, Pit, Dark Pit, Charizard and DDD which should be all multijump chars except MK if I didn't miss...
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    Smashboards Update - Rankings, Smash.GG and more!

    I hope the big european tournaments will start to use smash gg more. It's simply amazing.
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    Captain Falcon Hitbox Visualization

    Will you add raptor boost attack (aerial and ground) and full upb and dashattack later on?
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    Looking For Melee near Trier University

    LOL I read that and immidietly came here, then I read Melee. I guess I can probably help you a little too though. First of all when will you be in Trier? German Melee community used to be active here (and still seems to be active in that forum) Here is the regional...
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    13-Year-Old Puppeh Signed by Arcane eSports

    but wrath goes completely unnoticed by everyone. Xanadu the most important major out there. Kappa
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    Is there a Smash scene in northern Germany?

    Yes there is one.
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    Umebura Niconico Qualifiers - Largest Smash 4 Event In Japanese History!

    NO SAIYA OR SOUTHER????? ;-;
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    Smash Science - The Color Metagame

    tfw people try to argue against something they probably didn't even read.
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    Official Week 7: Smash Short Submissions Thread - DEADLINE: 10/25/15

    * Link: * Play Starts at: 2:29 * Play Ends at: 2:49 * Tag: Sabaca * Contact: * Region: Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany
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    Meta Shields in Smash4 / 1.1.1>

    So does noone know it?
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    Meta Shields in Smash4 / 1.1.1>

    Is the formula he uses now correct? I don't get where the "-1" comes from in his calculation "frameadvantage=shieldstun-lag-1" Shouldn't it be just "frameadvantage=shieldstun-lag" or did I miss something?
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    Official Mario Enigma Machine [1.1.1] Patch Notes

    Can confirm. Just tested it with Ike's jab, so either perfect shield was nerfed or Ike's jab(frame 4),Bowser Jr.'s jab got slower. Also Falcons jab still gets powershielded so we know it's not less than 3.
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    Meta Shields in Smash4 / 1.1.1>

    OP should mention that perfect shield went from 1-4 to 1-3.
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    Captain Falcon Skype Group - JOIN TODAY!

    move that stuff to discord. "What is discord?" Discord is what happens when the kid of Skype and TS becomes super saiyan god. It can do pretty much everything that both of those can, while having even more features and also the features they have in common are better in discord. It also is...
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    Deku Tree Presents: Sheik Tech - Instant Needle Cancelling & C-bouncing

    @beginning of the video. You should never push a shoulder button fully in smash4 because it doesn't do anything. It's opposite to brawl where you have to push it down completely and press the shoulder button to create an input. In smash 4 you have to only press the analog part to do an input...