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  • diddy is good, but you play an effective banana-prevent game. I hope i dont have to face you in the tourney. I am not good with all chars
    yeah one of Shadows weekly tournies about 3 weeks ago. it was girl characters only. but knowing ur skill im sure u will get first place eventually.
    yeah. well actually ive gotten a first place once before. and btw u have a nice rob
    Attention all "Show Me Ya Moves!" tournament goers: Because I didn't make this go fast enough, it is now pushed back to next weekend. I don't know about anybody else, but I have Christmas break then, and think it is a great time for playing.

    If you can get your match out of the way before then, that's great, but don't pressure yourself. School and work have priority over Brawl. ^_-

    Happy Falconing!
    lol ok let's just agree there's pros and cons for each character and get on with our lives... lol =D
    Well okay one was the blaster spam with wolf, it wasn't that bad, but you know I felt you were overusing it too much :) I believe your ToonLink was fine. As for Pit, oh boy, he's just a spammy character lol. So I guess you're right, you didn't do much spamming haha

    Answering why I killed my self with Sheik, I just didn't feel like I was playing well with her and just gave up :p I really find it fun to play with many characters, so I won't be to serious about the results and since online really doesn't matter, why should i strain myself? =D Alright I'll play ya whenever :)
    And also not to be rude buddy, but has anyone ever told you, you know that you Spam??? haha yeah I just had to get that out, it got really annoying. For some reason my Sheik didn't show anything today, but w/e
    Haha nice games, I hope my variety of characters helped you out in some way? =D
    Rythe. I really need to play someone good because ive been playing a noob and i doubt its good for my overall gameplay. Naturally i thought of you since youre the best brawler ive ever played. But i cant play now :(
    We're playing in Ary's tourney. I can't play tonight, but hopefully I'll be able to find some time before long.
    (This is a mass message I have sent to every entrant)

    Greetings! I hope you have not forgotten about the "Show me ya moves!" Captain Falcon tournament.

    Though it was supposed to begin on Friday, brackets are up for those who want to get their matches done now. The brackets are located at the bottom of the OP, in a thumbnail. Simply click on it to see your opponent. If you don't do your matches early, you will not be penalized. I didn't want to force weekday matches onto anyone.

    I have also created an experimental XAT chatroom to log on to and make contacting opponents easier. I'm not sure how this will work out, but be sure to PM your opponent anyway.

    Please note: I would prefer if you did not post in the tournament thread saying "Hey (insert opponent here), where are you?" Just PM and use the chatroom. The tournament thread should only be used to report to me the results of a match or that somebody is not answering your PM.

    That being said, I wish the best of luck to everyone, and ask you to remember that this is for fun. There are no prizes. Happy Falconing!

    really good matches, super fun, even if u did bad the 1st 2 matches you didn't think i'd forget after the 30ish match did you ^^
    Battletanx_Commander, blankvi, FireKirby7, Fresh Prince, Grim Hunter, Noraa, shikoshen, SSBBFan1300, tobi
    ok thats fine. but if we decide to be partners i could use wolf. ive been practin with him lately and i like him. i see why u use him
    hey u. i noticed that u are hosting a doubles touranment and i was wondering if u would want to be a team again? if u dont i understand. just lemme know k?
    actually, if you want to fight we have to like 20 minutes later, if you want
    we can fight right now if you want, and you pretty much hit the nail on the head, the one thing to remember about oli is normally its very hard for him to punish good aerial approaches
    yeah, well luigi mansion is olis best stage and not that great for wolf while lylat is very good for oli but no where near mansion, and at the beggining of fd match i could tell youve never faced a good oli before lol, but you adapt fast
    starter, fd, my cp, lylat, unless you pick rc or frigate which then i cp luigi mansion
    If cheap_josh doesn't show up in an hour then I will advance you =D
    lol I hope so, it would around 3 in the morning where he lives lol
    lol I'm sorry I didn't respond quickly, let me go check, oh wait you are in the loser bracket right. Well then I'll allow you two to do your match tomorrow =D
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