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  • This new forum skin doesn't show alerts for messages so sorry for missing yours. I'll wifi sometime. Hopefully the lag won't be too bad.
    Dangit, sorry I missed your message, haha. I'll have more free time in the coming weeks (I'm done with everything except a couple case studies and finals) so we can definitely play some games at some point.
    Thank you for trading with me. :) Also, I really hope you couldn't hear me talk to myself.. That would be very embarrassing.
    Hello. I am online now. I haven't traded before. So, all I have to do is give you my friend code? I assume I'll need yours too?
    Haha, yeah, it was really good. I thought it was really clever and was surprised how much character development it had for being so lighthearted and being short little 15 minute episodes.
    I watched some of the original series too. It was pretty good, although I think I like Fumoffu better. Definitely one of the better animes I've watched.
    Haha, we totally should. I can't play today or tomorrow since I have a Pharmacology exam I'm (supposed to be) studying for. If you wanna try some time this weekend that'd be awesome. I'd rather not try after next Wednesday or so, at least until the end of the week, since on the 19th I was gonna try to attend a tourney and I don't like to wifi too soon before a tourney in case it messes up my timing (plus by then I'll have a project I need to work on. Stupid medical school, eathing up all my free time, haha).
    Yeah, I added you, but it doesn't look like you can respond to me? Maybe you do need to add me too. My SN is Huggles and the Friend number or whatever is 579.
    So dude, I finally downloaded SCII, but funny thing is it's going to expire by the end of tonight D:
    Haha, you got it. What's your name and e-mail/Friend Code/ whatever it is I need to put in to add friends? Everyone so far has found and friended me on SC2 so far, so I'm not sure what I need to know.
    Sure, I don't mind if you get the doubles thread up and running again. But, I've only played doubles in friendlies and I don't know too much about who would be a good partner for Pit. I would suggiest Kirby, since he can also provide air support, and can also copy Pit's Arrow skill. But, that's just my opinion. I can't really think of good reasons why characters would be a good partner for Pit. But, I hope you're successful in getting the doubles thread back! If there's any way I can help with that, let me know!
    Thanks so much for the advice! I'll be sure to use it in the future! You're very experienced! And also, if there's any way I can help with the advancement of the Pit boards, let me know. I hope that his metagame can be advanced even farther than it is now. What you've been doing has been a great help. Thanks so much for taking the time to do so!
    I've never tried Infinite jab to Fsmash before. But I'll try it sometime. Again, I don't think using Infinite to Ftilt is a good idea offline. I think it works solely because of lag. And Infinite to Angel Ring sounds like a good idea too.

    Also, what's your advice on the Pit Vs. Sonic MU? I was really cought off guard by how the player I was up against could cancel out of Sonics Side B so quickly and in so many different ways. I tried to get a shield grab, but due to how far Sonic slides after most of his attacks, it was useless.
    It's a very well done guide! Other than a few grammatical errors, it's a great guide! Should help any Pit regardless of experience! The few things on WoI helped a lot! Although, I still don't quite get what you're saying about Wing Pivot.

    You also did very well on the attacks you can do out of infinite jab. I didn't know Fsmash was a good move to use out of it. I use Ftilt, because most of the people I play DI away from it. With Ftilt, it's reach is far enough to hit them even if they do DI away. Although, I don't think it's reliable to use. I use this move online and I think it works solely because of lag. I wouldn't really recommend using it offline, due to how Ftilt has a little start up lag.
    It's okay. You don't have to Brawl me. But, thanks for at least accepting my Friend Request. And thanks for all your hard work on the Pit boards! Your threads have really helped ^__^. I hope I can help out your efforts a bit.
    Oh, you don't have Wi-Fi? Then I guess I can't, I live no where near Hawaii. Thanks for considering, though ^__^.
    You're really good with Link. But I guess that means your Pit is way better. Maybe we could Brawl sometime?
    Hello ^__^. Sorry for saying this out of the blue, but I think you have the coolest Final Destination texture hack ever. And thanks for accepting my Friend Request ^__^.
    yea some boards are less than enthusiastic about a doubles thread but they will realize they need it for some characters.

    Plus it's fun as heck =P
    woooow I personally wanna thank you for taking on that Link in teams thread! You are doing such a good job with it ;D

    Keep at it! Sorry I couldn't handle it. I'm a bit busy with alot of other threads of mine. ^^"
    Gratz on your new thread, basically what I can see is people want some updates. I dont really know with what as not alot has happened that could really be added, but maybe you can find out better then me =P.
    So do you actually want another one recorded for critiquing? I really have no idea which one to choose so you'll have to go through your replays and tell me. Sorry about all this :(
    So I've watched a few, I really don't know which one to pick D: Is there one you remember that you really liked? Nevermind, I'll pick the MK one.
    Haha now you've lost me and I've lost myself.

    So if you put a replay on an SD card. The file path to where your replays that are saved on your sd card is something like wii/apps/rspe/rp/

    You then get the .bin file which is the replay, and upload it to mediafire, rapidshare any of those hosting sites. And then once that's done you send the link to me, I then download the link replay the replay on my Wii and record that.
    Yeah just send in the replay you want recorded the most. Get it on an SD card and then upload it to mediafire or something. I'm willing to give our WiFi a shot not now though, since I've played enough for today.
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