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  • Yo homeboy, think you wanna run the tourney with Ambrose instead? I am having money issues once again now that I reviewed my **** so yeah. Stos gave me venue info, it seems like the best we got right now. message me back if you are interested or if you found another venue
    Thats awesome. I don't know exactly how big East York is, but that shouldn't be too far from me. I live in Vaughan (Thornhill) if you know where that is. Let me know if I can add you to MSN or whatnot, and we'll go from there.
    Hey there. You don't know me, but Llumys said he knows you. He said you're coming to live in Toronto. I live in Toronto, and I don't get out much to brawl, and I'm trying to. Whereabouts in Toronto are you living (trying my best not to sound stalkerish)
    Hey, i saw that you're interested in my tourney.

    Just in case you never see that thread again, it's about a 7 hour drive from Saskatoon.
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