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  • Gonna file that under never, chief. Moving on to bigger and better.

    The project was a partial success, though. In addition to figuring out how GIMP .gif animations worked, the project yielded a base "pikachu with hollow shades" face that may have other applications.

    Would've asked to delete the thread but don't know if that's a thing you do or not. You can if you'd like, though.
    Hey, if you can do the favor to remove any unwanted posts from that dr story, that would be nice. :D
    Because I wouldn't have gotten mod of DRoom if I wasn't?
    What? Thats a lie. All mods are terrible!!

    <3 ,:3
    Yesssssss full albums for sure. That's all I ever listen to lol. I can't understand people who enjoy shuffle more than it. It's all about mood/different perspectives on a band's style. OK Computer is without a doubt my favorite by Radiohead. Moon & Antarctica for Modest Mouse, but I still really enjoy the two ones before it - Lonesome Crowded West and This Is A Long Drive. Third Eye Blind's debut is really good. I've probably listened to most of the albums on your Foobar, and yeah I have one. I needed it to convert some albums that were FLACs to 320 since I couldn't find mp3 zips or torrents anywhere on the internet lol.
    That's pretty cool, man. And wow, I've heard of pretty much all those bands you listed aside from like The Raconteurs and Phantom Planet. Pretty good taste! Radiohead, Modest Mouse, and Third Eye Blind are my favorite from my list. Do you listen to their albums or prefer individual songs?
    Yeah, definitely. I don't know why I never even thought of that beforehand lol. Thanks for all of this, dude. I really really appreciate it. I'll probably look up a shop in my area and go test some out whenever I get the money. What made you get into headphones so much? Also, what bands/artists do you listen to?
    Wow, alright. That's a pretty good perspective for thanks for that info dude. I listen to a lot of everything (including all those genres you named), but I'm really really into heavy bass for some reason. It just gives music a lot more life for me, so I'll probably look into whatever has the best of that for now. And I definitely agree, HEADPHONES MATTER. I've been trying to tell people who own a pair of standard Apple out of the iPod box headphones this FOREVER and they won't even listen. Lol, their loss.

    Headphone quality = Quality of life
    LOL when I saw this I laughed so hard.
    May not be my avatar for too long, but I had to put it up at least for a little bit.
    Enjoying things is fine dude.
    But things can be enjoyed without being over the top, and maybe it's stupid to think like this, but I would never want to be grouped with any fanbase that is as notorious among others as MLP is.
    I sure am glad I can enjoy PPG without what would be the fan equivalent of bronies.

    Yeah, definitely! It's not entirely set on stone yet.. that's just my goal for now lol. Thanks for all the help, dude.
    Oh, lol. And yeah, I've heard all about the SR80i. Tons of people have recommended them to me and I actually was going to save up for them.. but it's just the mobility part for me that kind of gets in the way. I'd much rather just be able to pull earbuds out of my pocket and stick them in then carry around something like that. However I'll probably wind up getting a good pair like that for home whenever I have enough money for it.
    Wow, thanks. That's a pretty cool guide.

    I've done a lot of research on multiple headphones, it's just that I've never really tried any out for myself other than a few pairs here and there. What makes you not like the IE80s?
    cool cool
    i don't know a lot about earphones, but im really trying to get some great quality ones. do you have any suggestions?
    Oh snap wow. It's been that long eh?

    Hmm, how did you find out about this, is there some notification for SWF birthdays :p
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