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  • One day I'll remember to come on here more... I mean... I got thrown into it, but it's fun. ^^

    <3 <3
    It's fine. I filtered out the *****ing and kept the point <3.

    Either way, I'm glad to see you're coming back to your roots =D
    LOL Alright alright *settles down* But seriously, oh gawd! that mess gives me a headache every time :(. And I agree with your post about the community direction in that "who still plays brawl" topic. =D
    LOL no KT! I need you...just e-flash them or something. Their ****'s will prolly listen to you xD j/k
    Hey tell your NC boys to stop being ******** in that Brocator Topic. Maybe they'll listen to a girl lol
    wow that's so weird, I was just thinking about you yesterday randomly. and then this!
    I'm substantially better off than I have been, writing a novel I hope to get published etc. Melee wise, not so good, as now I live 2+ hours from anyone who plays the game ><
    how're you?
    well saturday im going to ncsu for their smash stacks tourney. but other than that im totally free so if you and nick or whoever want to play sometime this week im down.
    Arbor Day Roy? LOL I like that one. Is that what people call it or just you? Yeah original Roy is pretty sweet but my only colors are Green and Blue. Original is pretty sweet but I only limit myself to two colours.
    Ahh you're a female smasher, eh? Well I guess that's twice the awesome. you don't see many females playing smash so that's pretty cool. Yea I probably have like 2 vids but I never know who records lol. I'll probably see you at Pound 4. Look for Atma lol. I'll probably be using Roy (green).
    Hey wassup dude. See you main Roy for life. I main him as well and want to be your friend cause of that. Maybe you have videos of yourself playing? I need some more training before Pound 4.
    FML :C BUT it's like, a 6 hour car ride full of weeaboo and "Smash is for ***s, you ***!"

    Oh, don't worry. Next year it's on. Might have an art table, actually, haha.
    I understand but, then again I don't. I could have helped you with cash and you can hang with me and my cool non-douche friends =D

    It's all good tho, I'm only going to be there one day this time and there's always next year lol
    hey dude, i just wanted to tell ya that your next @smashboards worm/AE
    (if ya still remember;))

    have a nice day:)
    that is pretty much exactly what happened. now it's just me and everlastingyay... like it was before. fuxxx

    still debating Herb2 since I'm now like 2 hours farther... not sure if I can afford. really want to though. even more since I know you'll be there and I haven't seen you in aaages
    dude I totally want to. I was playing Roy the other day and doing some crazy ****, I was like duuude must make... but now I moved to Charleston, SC and there are 0 players... as opposed to my like... one left in Columbia...

    really sux
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