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  • lol yeah same, but that sorta helps me stay on track, since i'm so stressed all the time.


    lol yeah, i know. I love it. I donno, you can use anything, as long as it's not lime green or hot pink or something xD
    I do. I can't wait, even though it'll take over my life.

    lol ya. m2k was talking about and stuffs.

    lol dude, i'm asian, which means i'm cheap. I'm a pink name because I'm a debater of the debate hall, which is this special little room where the cool guys go to argue. And I just put [noparse][/noparse] around my posts
    lol good. I was smashing with a few friends yesterday. Today, i'll be buying school supplies and stuff. xD

    lol I know. Apparently, the Brawl demos at E for All had hitstun/ L-cancelling and all that jazz. It's too bad they changed it. Online is crud anyways, and if Melee was online, it would lag so much xDD

    lol dude. Calgary's Chinatown is huge. Red Deer has like, a chinese grocery store and a noodlehouse side by side downtown, and thats it. xD And Edmonton has like, half a street.
    Anyone who's willing really. Just ask around. xP

    lol. Brawl.

    Yeah. <3 I went down to calgary's chinatown for shopping and I almost died from seeing all the cute asians. Calgary is amazing.
    No it's not. We're all smashers. How old are you btw? There's smashers of all ages in Calgary, so if you have any age preferences it's all good. And not to mention, that's how we all started. I randomly host this smash tournament in Red Deer 2 years ago, and 30 people from Edmonton and Calgary came. Don't be afraid to ask.

    So am I LOL. I started to get slow too, thanks to brawl no doubt.

    lol I know. I'm moving to Edmonton when I graduate though. haha. I might move to Calgary after uni. I like the hot asians you guys have down there.
    lol, postttt in the thrreaaaaddddddd.

    lol i donno then. xDD Just practice I guess.

    I really want to see references like that. xDD
    lol dude, I have no idea where Huntington is. xDD

    I play Fox in Melee.

    Yeah. It's usually the old people who are voted off first. I'm just scared that they'll under estimate him. It's like, "hmm, we either vote of the professional video gamer or the Olympian. hmmmmmm"
    haha sorry, anytime you're in Red Deer, just lemme know. xD Calgary is still cool though. They have some great players as well. Like, Levi5, Kithkin and xpiritflare. You should talk to them in the alberta thread. xDD

    Yeah I cube too xD. Best time is 14 seconds. ROFL. I average around 20-25s.

    I hope Ken says something smashboards related. Like "No Johns" or something. It'll be soooo funny.
    Yeah. I live in Red Deer. I'm like, one of the rare asians of the city. xD

    Yeah, i'm so excited.
    lol yeah, ghetto ol' Red Deer. I'm not a hick though, nor am I white. Too bad 98% of the city is though D;
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