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r3d d09
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  • my hair is 3 different shades of blue right now so meh
    i just don't understand the striped mullets
    i don't understand why it's suddenly popular to have a mullet that looks like a dead animal on your head
    KK. Here's what you do. I'll assume you're using the same skin/settings/etc as me.

    Click on "User CP" up at the top of the screen.

    Then in the left column find "Group Memberships" (under the networking section)

    Then click on the Join bubble for the one you want, and follow the instructions from there.
    LOL I was kidding about going random. I honestly don't see the point in letting the outcome of your tourney set be determined by your luck with the random button. I don't get why so many people agree to go random in tourney haha.

    ICs have a ton of potential though. Good choice. Can you do their alt grab stuff?
    You have to apply for it through this thing, and then the admin/mod person who's in charge of it will just verify that you are actually a TO and they'll give it to. I can't really take the time to find that thing right now, but I'll find it sometime today or tomorrow and give you the info on it.
    Not that it's a big deal, but I said I was bringing both a Melee AND and a Brawl disc. Your list only had me brining a Brawl disc; but that's nothing important.
    Okay I need a ride again.
    I might not be able to make it to the tourney. My friend hasn't responded... Ano might not make it to the singles. So I'm screwed...
    Do you ever play online? I won't be able to make it to the tourney tomorrow...

    Did you ever hear back from that store that you originally planned to host the tournament at?
    Chain Grabbing? Which one, lol. There are about 10 different ways to do it.

    I could do some for only 50 damage (The back to back Nana -> Popo ones. I can't remember what that is called), whereas others I could do for like 100%.

    I haven't played ICs in a while... Also, I won't be able to make it to the tourney tomorrow. :(
    I used to main Ice Climbers. I still do play with them sometimes, but I hardly ever do in tournaments. I still think i'm better with them than Peach though...
    Yeah but he's out of town, and might not make it to the tourney. I'll see if one of my friend wants to go. I'll post the results tomorrow.
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