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Live to play; I love all types of games- outdoor, card, board,improv, word; video is just one type.

Virtual Boy hit me at age 6 and showed me what gaming can be in the digitized world, with the N64 on its heals.
Pokemon accelerated me into the world of the handheld market, and the rest (SNES, PS1) were all because of kind friends.


Explore : Create : Inspire

An Artist above all else; mostly do work as an actor, though not far behind comes music with the worlds of dance and song. Writing, Directing, Drawing, Design-- aestheticize the world and change with it what you want it to become.

The nerd exists everywhere else; and that is when I merged that lifestyle with such of a programmer. For artistic projects combining realms, contacting me; one example of a piece is a photographic story of Super Smash brothers, bringing the world to life in a battle for your life, post-Armageddon world.
October 28
Miami, NYC
International Artist
Switch FC
SW 3124 9647 8311
Smash 64 Main
Melee Main
Ice Climbers
Brawl Main
King Dedede
Project M Main
Smash 3DS Main
Duck Hunt
Smash Wii U Main
Rosalina & Luma
Smash Ultimate Main




Stay tuned for more off the wall ideas I will try to incite, from my creative, controversial, and sometimes delusional mind.
Am I more entertaining in video? Let me know->
Watch me on the most Popular LIVE LGBT Media Network in the world, Happening Out Television Network.
The World's First LIVE Daily LGBT Evening News, Q News Tonight
The World's Most Popular LIVE Gay TV Show, It's Happening OUT

check out my LGBTQ video series', one major emphasis is gaming.... and there is no better game than Smash. New Video posted:

Unboxing my N64/How I learned to bond with my straight friends: PART ONE and PART TWO
E3 Reaction
Pokemon: Let's Go!

Several videos coming every week. Including some of the Exploration ones!
We competed in New Orleans, Orlando Gay Days, even Miami Pride!


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