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  • We got the guide +poster on the opening night that Brawl came out. It might have been a special edition or somehting.
    OMG dead flowers lol...and you have no houses next door? i feel like you guys are alone or something

    We are in an apartment complex surrounded by other complexes. ;)

    and lol at Buzz...playing XD and cool you made theos Wii remote holders...XD

    Buzz did. :) He loves K-nex. :)

    and wow at the poster room you guys are into alot of stuff and you so the dark knight too X3

    Yeah, we're pretty creative. :D It's different now, with all the baby stuff moved around.

    btw who is Joey????

    Who? What?

    and OMG a brawl poster!!!!!!!!!! where did you get it??

    We got it in the Brawl players guide

    awwww it looks like someone is ready for the baby XD
    and the baby clothes did you buy them alone or with buzz X3

    I was with my mom when we got those. hehe

    lol messy sink and messy bed room Buzz should hepl too it looks like he is playing all day XD

    Hahahah, just not during the video. He helps me around the house. ;) He's a good hubby.
    Ha yeah... those were the times when I liked posting here... the updates made this forum so much more fun. But now... it's not as fun anymore...
    Well yah, duh. hehehe We'll have a camcorder by then, hopefully. We're saving up for one for Christmas.
    I haven't thought of what else I could record. Maybe when her movements on the outside of my belly become more consistent and visual, I'll post that. :)
    Hehe some people say I have a manly voice. :p And I don't waddle like that anymore. I went to a chiropractor and he adjusted my hips. No more painful walking! ^_^ I guess I sort of have a hobble, but its not as bad as it was in the vid.
    Yeah we had a name picked out a long time ago. :) And yeah, 14 weeks left! I can't wait either! I'll probably make a sig and avatar out of her pictures. ;)
    Nope. The only changes are I have to (1)go to the bathroom more, (2)I need to eat more (in between classes I live out of the vending machine) and (3)I can't run to class.

    It's not bad at all because I'm sitting down in every class, relaxing, and I stay in one building so I don't have to trudge uphill on campus.

    Being pregnant makes no difference. ;)
    I just haven't been getting on much. After the updates ended, this place didn't really seem as fun anymore. :/
    Oh hehe. I actually don't have very much homework, not too much stress. My only stress is my senior recital paper and concert I have to put together. Other than that, everything is perfectly fine. ^_^
    I understand maybe challenge each other someday, and don't be down, and beside you really are a sweethearted person like Peach. :)

    P.S Your still the best Peach, and the biggest fan I know the number 1 Peach, and that's you. :)
    Hey Princess Peach do you wanna play, just for a few rounds well I know that i'm still kinda like a little good with Peach. And hopefully I try to learn more how to play peach the right way. So is ok we play a few rounds, Master of all Peach mainers. :)
    Yeah but not alot. I just play against my friends or people online, but that's not often. I was thinking about going to CH4, but school got in the way of that. Plus my Parent wouldn't drive me so... yeah.
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