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  • I am in school so I will talk to you later about teams. If you play wifi at all we can get some minor practice on wifi since I play it a lot lol. Add my AIM Redsoxfan2thaend, and I will add yours after school, I'll talk to you tonight.
    Works for me. Pretty sure I'm gonna be busy all week, but let's do a Wi-Fi trade sometime next week.
    I can't make it to HOBO 23 since my film shoot got moved back a week, so we can't trade in person.

    Do you have Wi-Fi? I don't in my dorm, but we can set up a time and trade that way.
    Aye, anytime is good. That would just be ideal because, well, it's Spring Break. Come to think of it though, I don't know if he'll even be in town. I remember getting my wisdom teeth cut out along with my 12 year molars back in the 6th grade.

    Have fun, and don't get addicted to ibuprofen like I did!
    Zach and I were talking about throwing some big video game fest sometime soon (maybe Spring Break?). Get a bunch of TVs with Brawl, Halo, TvC, and whatever else works and a ton of people over. Of course we'd be doing it more inner-city because that's the world we know, but you and everyone in the Brawl scene are more than welcome. I'll let you know once we get a date set up.

    Speaking of, mind linking me to the profiles of some of those that were at your place the other night?
    Hahaha yeah man! Was great meeting you too. See, there's a little Ween for everyone.

    We should hang sometime. Seeing as how I'm getting back into Brawl now, I need some locals to play with.
    I don't even know if I'll play brawl. Probably just hang out, drink some Dr. Pepper, and chill. I hardly ever play Smash Bros.
    Same here except the other way around. xD

    I also have a Pokemon one saved.
    Hey, your picture is chipped out on more than one corner. Could you try to find one a bit more fuller? I just don't want it to look tacky for your character.
    Hell yeah I'll be there. I'm thinking of making a shirt that says "SPIRE".
    You can't have people over, or you can't do anything that night? You could maybe come here.
    I was thinking if you wanted to do something next Friday/Saturday. If I don't get this planned ahead, it probably won't happen haha.
    Exactly. however, I highly doubt any Pit will exchange proj with Luca off stage. Besides I eat his glide for breakfast.
    Read more.. there are escape routes to the technique in case of fail. and your like my sis Blueknight. you play Pit but dont main him lol. She plays pit much more than she plays marth, but mains marth lol.
    do you still play Luca? if you do please come to the lucario boards... theres some excitement over what phil just did to the metagame thread.
    Dude where are you? Lucario's are starting to get active again and your thread is gathering dust! why dont you update it? move on to the next char?
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