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Perfect Chaos
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  • ok ok sorry

    anyway how'd you like it? i own the whole "abducted by demons arc" and the "cotton drifting arc" manga. just started the "curse killing arc"
    btw your avis are getting very moe!
    i wonder if you can guess what series im really into now (not as much as elfen lied ever!)
    check my custom title! XD
    PC make that money or not??? learn2countcards

    im going to format my SD card which file format is best for B+?
    FAT, FAT32, exFAT, or NTFS
    im assuming its FAT but maybe not
    a little late but oh well
    PC thanks for housing me for Xs tourney. i had a lot of fun and we should hang out again sometime (i haven't had a decent breakfast since then!) i promise to finish haruhi suzumiya next time, and can you start This ugly yet beautiful world next time? ill bring it over again, i promise its a good series
    and did you find my USB flash drive in your room?
    yes thank you thinh, did you enjoy it? was it all that I said? one of the best animes i think. but i bet your a little confused about a lot of stuff and you have to ask yourself why did they end it so fast! well you know what this means! time to read the manga! ill give it to next time i see you i have all the chapters on my flash drive including the extra chapter.
    ya hey PC um i had to take the dvds of haruhi back to the library cause someone requested it. lucky for me i only had 3 days past due so that only 3$ sorta :confused:
    ill get them back soon i requested them again. Don't sweat it im really happy you watched the whole series and the ova so i will watch all the episodes when i get them back
    PC when you get the chance can you post tourney results from the last tourney and whatever tourneys youve done on your laptop?
    oh and its time for a PR update

    the top plat shouldnt break at the beginning...it should just...not be there...

    i'm going to move the clouds up on the left and right plats to make sure you cant stand on them

    and if that invisible wall problem only happns going one way, then there's probably a problem with the file

    main platform should work as before, that's good

    naw the truth is ive been too lazy to go through them and clear out the ones i dont need any more
    i was talking about the file common5.pac
    whats it used for

    oh and you might get hooked and watch it all in one sitting :upsidedown:
    pc whats the pac you made for?
    and i heard there is a new file for the better camera with no rocket sound
    Hey can you send me your common5.pac? I'm running a tourney tomorrow and I want things to look professional. Thanks!
    PC have you started Elfen lied yet?
    if so i hope your enjoying it as much as i did
    you'll understand how much that anime and manga means to me
    sometimes just thinking about it makes me want to cry
    is there a tourny today? i need the new version!!, I also just got my dazzle working to record strait to my compy
    oh nothing i was just listening to the lucky star ost i wandered if you had any of the original soundtrack songs
    if you had any of them you could have given them to me
    oh well i'll just have to convert all those videos to mp3
    nah man my laptop that i had if you remember from banzai is not working and i don't have a external hard drive
    but! i have a new 4 GB Flash drive, how much will that hold?
    hey PC what other anime's do you have on your computer?
    do you have any of these?
    Lucky star
    paranoia agent?
    Kiddy grade
    serial experiments lain?
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