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  • Lol, sorry for being such a lame partner for the Melee friendlies. xD (I was the kid with the curly hair.)
    heyyy pb&j

    ask shiz if he'll team with me

    because i am an awesome stock tank

    and peach + spacies = ****

    and i'm very pretty

    and very drunk

    but for serious, we'd make a great team, and we were schooling n00bs at FAST when we teamed


    be my liason


    aight son me and fl need housing..telling u ahead of time so get it done..like house with u or something
    Aight man I appreciate it.

    Hope to see you soon.

    I've been practicing.

    Oh and for HERB I am going to talk to Vilt to see if we can lower the door fee for HERB to 5 $.
    PB&J What up bro.

    Will you be in GA Next weekend? I will probably be going down there and visit Waba also.

    I need some pointers son. Dr.Peepee never teaches eanyone the ways. lol
    Thanks dude. I also got that upthrow shine->waveshine combo on Spacies down pretty good too. I'll definitely call if I have questions.
    Hey PB&J this is Nick from DE. I was the fox on your crew battle against UltimaScout if you don't remember. Sorry I took so long to talk to you. School's a pain lol. Been practicing with Fox and I've got SH Nairing->shining down consistently. Is there anything else I should be practicing?
    Dude, I just bought smash boards so delete your account asap
    -Thank you <3 admin Bagwell
    yo pb&j! Tell me that godly sub combination!! haha, I forgot it already :[

    all I remember is like, ham cheese lettuce tomato onion. bottom tier memory lol
    Yo, took me a minute to find your account. If you're still in LI hit me up and let me know if you're down to smash.
    i wont man trust me..ur family will love me man..i have respect..just call me at 5..and if i dont pick up call me at 515
    Ok she says yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So from 6-8:30 ok
    sorry to say we cant feed u......
    Except snacks^__^popcorn!!!
    Bring soft!
    Please dont use the words "**** or ******"
    Yo man, I spoke to you at the Gigs tourney in Orlando. What's the dude's name who lives in Stone Mountain, and how can i reach him. Im here right now until wednesday and i wanna get some smash in before i head back to Orlando for summer school
    I had fun today you and soft may be able to come over on......tuesday if thats cool with both of you.......or we could get some peeps and invade waba on tuesday your choice
    Ok so my dad said i cant stay that late but i dont want to make you leave so dont worry about rides man.
    Well i will ask my parents first ok.
    Then ill give you my address.
    P.S please if you come over NO rude or profound langauge!
    Please i have little sisters.
    You probably wont anyway....but i gotta be carful.thanks.
    Try posting on my wall dude lol!
    I would love to do something my mom said its possible for you to come over...
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