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Officer Jenny
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  • Really random but, where did you go? I use to watch your footage a loooong time ago while developing my ZSS. Would be nice to see you at tournaments and stuff again.
    I really have so much to say! Sadly this didn't let me to post all my happiness.
    I just- I will be really happy if we meet one day and I'll be happy too if we chat an talk about Smash Bros. I've been looking so hard to communicate with you and this is the only way. Hope you see this! You are an amazing player!
    Officer Jenny! I'm a competitive female Smash 4 player. I've been assisting to a bunch of Tournaments here in Baja California-Tijuana, but sadly I haven't won any, I've only gotten on Top 16 and 4th place.
    I was amazed when I heard about you! Really! "Another female player?! I need to see that!" And so I did.
    I would love if people recognize both as the Godnesses of Smash Bros since the community still needs them.
    Hi officer Jenny this is Jared the one sucky kid at TheyGeekDom con and sorry but I forgot those tips you gave me and I was wondering if you could give me a little more I don't have a facebook or such but I do have a 3ds xl my friend code is

    Hey, it is awesome to see a girl smasher doing well in the scene. Keep up the awesome work!

    Also, don't let the haters get to you, EVER.
    Jenny, you're seriously the reason why I picked up ZSS as my second main. Your movement is PRISTINE! I have to say I'm a gigantic fan and I hope I get the honor of playing you someday!

    Keep doing what you're doing!
    Yo! I don't know if you remember me, but a while back we met in For Glory, then went to Anther's Ladder to play some friendlies, I use Robin. We should definitely play some friendlies if you're up for it
    I absolutely love your ZSS! Crazy ledge mixups, awesome control when b reversing /wavebouncing, really good spacing, and last but not least sick mobility. You dont just play on the stage. You are the stage! The best part however, is that you always seem so positive no matter if you loose. We need more people with that mindset. Both in smash and the world in general. Have a nice day!^^ ...every day! xD
    Also what do you think about ZSSs custom moves? I know you don't use them in tournaments, but it might just be that you´re most familiar with the default. So, do you think some of them are viable? If so, which ones? Still wish you a wonderful day!^^
    Hey, Jenny! I main Mega Man, but considered ZSS as a secondary because of your play! Is there a place I can follow you? A YTube or something? :)

    Cheers! Keep up the good work!
    Hey Jenny! Love seeing your Zero Suit; next to Nairo, you're my favorite Smash 4 player. Whenever I get Wii U, I hope to play against you. Nice Job a S@X though, I thought you died, but I was really happy to see you play again.
    Officer Jenny
    Officer Jenny
    Thank you ZeroSuit700! I'll gladly play you when you get your hands on a Wii U. I did have a bit of a falling out, but I'm back in Smash and loving it.
    Any up coming tournaments I should watch out for? Your Zero Suit is the only one that I can really apply be cause my style is to move in and out of situations, and you're mobility/spacing is great.
    Officer Jenny
    Officer Jenny
    I'm going to Xanadu customs next week. I don't plan on using customs but it's the only Xanadu my close friends go to, and I don't like going unless I'm with people I love. It's Wednesday right now, so next Tuesday keep your eyes peeled for me at Xanadu. I may get my ass kicked because I'm kind of having a low in Smash right now, making silly mistakes and stuff. We'll see! Gather what you can from my ZSS : )
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