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  • ah i see. well sounds like you have a pretty good chance of doing well. let me know how it goes ;D
    i wish my instructor was cool enough to know about E3. mine just freaked out every time i went through a yellow light.

    do you live in a small town or something? usually you don't have to be able to drive to go to tournaments =P good luck this weekend though... first tournament is always exciting haha.
    i forgot i named my soul linker Tblock haha... yeah i didn't really use this name until RO was dying out from my life. that's pretty funny that you recognized me though.

    do you go to tournaments in your region for both games then? how well do you place, who do you play, etc.?
    heh... not for very long. modded in march, BBR in june. so i was just a regular user up until recently.

    you're more of a melee player, right?

    not exactly... it's the second series of monthlies in our region, and in the first one there was an unusually large debate over whether coin flip or rps was to be used for stage striking decisions. i was in support of rps, so i named the series rps for the lulz

    BUT i was in that guild haha... were you?
    My girlfriend went to school for Japanese, she lived in Tokyo for a year in High school and a year in College, she graduates this week and starts her new full time job at the Japan Society in NYC the following week :) so jobs do indeed exist, just more commonly in the city
    I simply never went to college due to .. Liking money far too much and having no idea with what I would attend college for. Im just starting at north western community college, im actually near CCSU now and then though :p
    It's difficult for me to get weekends off work. I am an assistant manager at a grocery store (aka i work all weekends) except a few, which are genereally spent with my girlfriend. I intend to step down to a part time employee come this August though and will be attending events more regularly :)
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