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  • hey wats man....yea its been a minute....ive been good....im in LA now pursuing an acting career...how hav u been?
    oh man, sorry to hear that you got dropped from the power rankings. AND, i must admit, i also hate Brinstar, and would rather go MK on that stage, but i just figured that he didn't know the MU that well plus i know how lucas should be played there. i just ended up making one mistake which cost me my life. OH! and i SD'd my second stock at about 40%.

    Idk how u like YI, i can't stand that stage. lol
    lol, well good sh*t dude. I lost to the G&W also, here's the set: I go snake on Lylat, get 2 stocked. XD i was like why am i snake getting 2 stocked by a G&W. lol, so then i was like wtf, i'll just go lucas. I CP'd him to SV because i like the stage, lol, and i JV 2 stocked him. He CP'd me to brinstar so i was like ok i'll stay lucas. He must have gotten hit by like 6 laggy Usmashes/Dsmashes that game, hahaha. It came down to last stock each, he was at around 100% when i went for a laggy Usmash again to kill him... however, i missed the left pillar part that makes it lag XD so it was just a normal Usmash and he punished me with his Usmash which killed me. :( oh well.

    Oh and about that time we played on WiFi... i never play wifi bc it sucks. lol. I really hope u don't judge my skills based off that time so long ago. AND i think being ranked 10th in PA with all Lucas proves it. :)
    Hey that's not too bad though dude. Keep it up, pretty soon you'll be recognized as one of the best lucases. I just went to a tourney on Saturday, only used lucas once sadly.. and it was against a G&W. lol. i placed 13th out of 29.
    Phht...just ignore em, people don't know what they talk about on here. lol
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