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  • lol good :D tomorrow im going to go to FIU in the morning but Im gonna drive there since Justin has a test in the morning and I cant get there that early but are you going to be there early? I dont wanna walk into FIU and like go to the gameroom and not see anyone I know haha
    Ah. :) then I shall not make you break your healthy thing xD But! if you go to tommys smash fest you shall be forced to eat cookies :D soo keep healthy till that one day and then eat one cookie :D
    Would you like me to bring cookies? :D I like to bake and it'll give me a reason to bake something xD My family tends to look at me weird when i take cookies to places ahha
    hahaha okay maybe ill see you tomorrow at FIU? =/ if there is even school ...i dont have school that day so Justin said he would take me to practice
    hahah yes yes and I'm going to assume this is Nicole xD I remember you from yesterday lol thankfully i don't forget after a day of meeting new people haha
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