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Recent content by NewChallenger

  1. NewChallenger

    Completed Sonic Released (Melee)

    Everything's free, it's a 1GB xDelta patch People been downloading and playing from my Discord etc
  2. NewChallenger

    SpongeBob Melee Pre-Release

    Hey guys! I'm releasing super early! I'll keep working to make it better and more complete Always here to make characters for u guys! All my free characters (Sonic, Wario, USA, BW, etc) at: https://Patreon.com/NewChallengers Download Patch Direct File Link: https://tiny.cc/SpongeBobPatreon
  3. NewChallenger

    Completed Custom CSS Backgrounds 101

    What file from ssbmtextures? you just say that several times in the guide but there's no link or specific reference to anything anywhere I can see EDIT: Found it myself after a bit of searching, hope this helps anyone who was lost too...
  4. NewChallenger

    Completed Custom Shines 101

    bro this is awesome. Putting this into my spongebob rn omg EDIT 1: What is step 2.1 for? like, do you need to do that first, and then once you have your EfFxData.dat set up that way, you can always just do it straight from Step 3 faster and easier? Is that the reason? Also, when I do Step 3, my...
  5. NewChallenger

    Guys I made Sonic in Melee from scratch

    "You just unlock him by beating 1P mode 3,000 times in a row with no damage" (Updated OP with download link)
  6. NewChallenger

    Trouble importing .bnr

    Hi guys I have lots of modpacks that I've made from scratch over the years and some work with adding custom .bnr banners and some don't These are some that don't, are they wrong filetypes etc? They're based off of original, oldschool melee. I think that's why my DAT Texture Wizard isn't...
  7. NewChallenger

    CSS Color Changer v1.2

    What does starting offset 0x000958 mean? I can't search and find anything like that in HxD I just wanna change the main background color, and this app seems to mess up my M-Ex tool ISOs, so I just wanna change like 1 part of the code to make a different color background, if that's not too much...
  8. NewChallenger

    In Progress Mario Model and Target Test Model Importer

    Could this software ever be expanded to more or every character? It's not really realistic for everyone to learn the Bizz Blender method to importing models. Takes weeks to grasp, at least, for beginners. This Mario importer, on the other hand, is slightly magic, and if it had a little UI and...
  9. NewChallenger

    Guide Melee Model Imports - "Bizz Method" - QUICK STEPS

    Hmm not sure about that, I don't think it came with any pre-req's in the zip like some other programs here do sometimes. Maybe just try installing the newest one, included with Windows but Linux probably wouldn't have that by default
  10. NewChallenger

    Guide Melee Model Imports - "Bizz Method" - QUICK STEPS

    Thanks, definitely trying. If possible anyone can help with the parts I marked in red, I feel like I'm getting farther today than yesterday, still hitting minor roadblocks. What happens for you when you unzip the github release on Wine, and execute the .EXE?
  11. NewChallenger

    Guide Melee Model Imports - "Bizz Method" - QUICK STEPS

    QUICK & SHORTER VERSION. NO TALK, JUST STEPS... UNFINISHED!!!! Halp :0 SHOUTOUTS TO Bizzozeron, Team Akaneia, & all you awesome Melee hackers DOWNLOADS: BLENDER - https://www.blender.org/ (3D Modeling Editor) Source Plugin 4 Blender - http://steamreview.org/BlenderSourceTools/ (Blender...
  12. NewChallenger

    Guide Melee Model Imports - The "Bizz" Method

    Thanks, I definitely posted this before it's 100% done. And yeah that's about as far as I got with it too, I can get the texture to load up well in HSDraw but always just crashes in Melee. Basically there will be 3 parts, part 1 is done above, about prepping your original model, part 2 is all...
  13. NewChallenger

    Guide Melee Model Imports - The "Bizz" Method

    I'm trying to break down and really learn Bizz's method to import models into SSBM, but I'm totally new to Blender / 3D Modeling. I thought text-form like this would be easier than a 40 min video. I plan to create and upload screenshots if this post is helping people, but I also heard people...
  14. NewChallenger

    Learning more every day, stay tuned!

    Learning more every day, stay tuned!
  15. NewChallenger

    Completed Sonic Released (Melee)

    Steal what? If this Sonic is "stolen" then whoever made it isn't great because I had to remove his pregnant spin animation that always stuck to him, and still trying to get his eyes to open correctly It's the only one I could get working from Brawl vault so far for sonic I just now got into...
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