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  • You found out the cycle :p

    I don't pot as much, I'm spending more time with my dance and drumline. I can show you my progress if you want to see.
    Yea lol you should be happy, when I read "unfortunately" I was like you wanted to be fired? :laugh: I'm not sure if I should sympathize with you because you still have a job or not.

    You're probably finished by now but you should've just made your friends do all the work. That's what I'd do anyway >_>.

    When life gives you lemons pain that **** gold./life's distractions are easy to overcome. With that being said life kept me away the last couple days and I might be gone for the next few days too. So if you respond it'll be a minute before I get back to you.
    No problem.

    It's funny how technology makes everything easier one second but then screws you over the next :laugh:. I wouldn't stress too much about writing all your stuff up again right now because the thread is pretty chill and like you said it's already more popular than some of the other threads.

    Buuuut because I'm kinda nosy, WHAT irl could be so time consuming that you turn your back on smashboards? Lrn2shut-in =P

    I'll do it soon enough but I have been posting less too if you noticed. When I said I'd post in the Isaac thread within a week I really didn't expect it to take a week to post :laugh:
    I had a big post, well bigger than my usual posts, of stuffs for your thread but the site crashed and I didn't feel like retyping it all. =\ good news is that hopefully more people will see the thread now ^_^
    Because 85% like to think we can hold a higher standard and then look down on others >__> That's another story though.

    We can be that amazing place, if we put forth the effort. I've seen it happen. Rarely.
    Nahhh, actually I'm adovacting for transparency. I think it's for the best. People can see legit topics in the purest form and those (even though this will never be perfect) who know how to discuss without derailing :smirk: go about it. It can be taken to the thread and discussed. Also people like Diddy aren't able to interject something stupid whenever they please.

    If they have a legitimate concern just voice it in the thread. I feel like that's the most diplomatic way of going about it. I'll see how long this "curtain" will last over the backroom.
    You're welcome :smirk::laugh:

    What did Chu fix it?

    EDIT: LOL he did. I guess you saw me nominate you too then, even tbh I was just throwing out the name of the last poster I saw XD
    May I never get that big headed about my dancing. I'm just passionate about it all. A good way to express myself.

    Let's see, how do you do this again? :rolleyes::bee::awesome::smirk::chuckle::laugh:
    That would be perfect because I have Adobe After Effects and heard that works in conjuction with Photoshop and Final Cut project files without having to export it as a normal image/video file? Not sure but if that's the case we could just exchange the working product back and forth.

    Haha and thank you about the video, it's not my best anymore I spend so much time practicing.

    Also you are very...in touch with your smilies :smirk::awesome: :p
    My untrustworthiness and all, you know. Anyways, it seems trend is me and N are the only ones that can come in yell at people for being off-topic, get a topic going for 5 posts, and then start derping ourselves.

    ...Did you do the graphics in your profile pic? I might need some advice like that so I can make videos better.
    Can you read minds n3on well when i join smashboards my avi was a housepet avi.

    sw96 stands for smashwimp 96
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