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  • Happy belated! I was going to post this yesterday but I got attacked by three big guys and they took my computer. So yup, I didn't forget or not know or anything... anyway 3rdkoopa requests your presence in Mafia if you are free now.
    Haha thanks! :D
    Don't worry, over here it's still my birthday day for a few more hours. ;)
    And I had some free time today but once my week starts I'm going to be busy again, so I still have to say getting someone else for mafia would be a better idea... but I'll talk to 3rdk.
    Saved by the timezone! And yeah just tell 3rdk
    Holder of the Heel
    Holder of the Heel
    With that comment right there you have just affected our fellowship forever. DOES NEON HEELS MEAN NOTHING TO YOU NOW YOU MONSTER?!
    Our heels are unbreakable. ;)
    At least I don't Ghirahim is a "garbage" character, just an unlikely one.
    Holder of the Heel
    Holder of the Heel
    Hmm.. well that's better. I forgive you. :p
    Neon Heels takes top priority, good job! XD I'll get to adding people, I see you all as friends that I respect anyhow. :3

    Groups, yes! Used them little before because there was no food, but soon we'll all have a meal to talk over baha. We all won't be loopy like we are now anymore! Well... for a while. :p Heheh.
    I guess I should say thankies for the add! I don't really add others myself because I'm not very sociable. :laugh: So yeah, I appreciate it. :D
    Yeah, how dare they change countries! I mean, it's not like my ancestors are from Scotland, Ireland, England, France, Austria, Sweden, Mongolia, amongst other places.

    And I don't fight for just my 8 friends, but my 57 followers and the 79 people who I am following that are following me.

    Also, bacon. I always fight for bacon, even if it's from Canada like you. XD
    1. No, because Superman is an illegal immigrant who is also an alien from another planet. Unless you consider being in my mother's womb that, we are completely different in that regard.

    2. If the groups don't come back, someone will pay... CASH MONEY!!!
    I had no idea that's why people were complaining about the switch. Yeah, all the people I added from like 2010 on are gone. I just realized I was missing like a dozen or so friends.

    Of course what was i thinking? No normal person would hang out on an internet forum. =P

    I always appreciate when games decide to push the artistic envelope. I'll look into it, thanks.
    Didn't realize you responded =/

    Can't handle weekly? Wow I thought you were stronger than that. Won't overestimate you again =P.

    Never got around to playing that game. How good is it?
    For some reason I thought it was one of the background characters from Sword Art Online (which is a pretty rad anime).

    As for Muramasa, I never got around to playing that game. I've mostly heard/read positive things about it so I guess I missed out... ?
    Go watch it noooooowwwww like seriously it's so powerful and so emotional and so well done. It was made for at least weekly viewing!=P

    Thanks I "think" the last one was kuma's drawing of simba so that makes sense. The new one is Solomon from sym-bionic titan, an amazing albeit short lived show.
    Something about your avatar makes me thing of "draw with me". Not exactly sure what though or why now lol just felt like sharing.
    You're like the 70th person I didn't have as a friend. One of my best buddy pals (which btw, is an awesome phrase) from the pre-Brawl days (like 2003 status) I didn't add to my friends list until like 2008! :laugh:

    I also, for whatever reason, didn't have my friend Brent (who used to live like 2 miles from my house) on my friend's list forever. >.>

    I guess you can say I'm absent-minded about that! :laugh: :facepalm: :embarrass: :falconmelee:
    I'm not exactly sure, do whatever you think is best XD

    I probably should have thought through
    Oh no worries about helping me with photoskills mate. (If my speech pattern has changed, it's because I picked up a few habits from other friends during my absence. :P) Also, yes, I have lost any passion to talk about so stagnant haha. I'll hang around for you guys though; honestly, I missed you guys.

    My dancing is coming along, egoistically speaking, exponentially better. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB4olUY9ljc

    Besides dancing, I've been handling my school relatively well; passed this semester with all A's. I've made a lot more international friends too, specifically, Singaporeans and Australians. Life has been going pretty swell. Just to list things off, I've gotten to join a band, starting a comedy group, starting a video game commentary group, in the mist of buying a lot of filming equipment, and just enjoying everything in general. My only real complaint I've had so far is I haven't been able to find a girl to get into a relationship with. All the ones I could have been with are taken now (literally my fault since there was a time I knew I could have taken action but didn't want a girlfriend at the time), live too far away, or just don't really match up with me. (Most recent one being we liked each other, she was extremely shy, so we didn't talk much and I didn't have the drive to pursue it.)
    I agree it's definitely sad lol, but the wait is killing me. I dunno why but I'm just really amped up for this game. However I am a bit apprehensive because Brawl was a somewhat of a disappointment to me. Disappointment actually isn't accurate... It's more of a love-hate relationship. I love the concept behind the Smash series in general, I just hate some of the mechanics that Brawl has. And its online system is beyond awful. >.>

    You should check out some of the other sub-forums around here though. Some of the best conversation on this site is non-Smash related in my opinion.
    I am disappoint. lol

    But yeah I can see why you'd want to squeeze whatever meaningful (if hardly any haha) conversation you could get out of the Smash 4 section before things get too crazy. I've recently started posting there as well but it seems like a lot of the same ideas are just being repeated over and over so it's starting to get a bit bland. Everyone's just desperate for some new information at this point.
    Wait... the pic is Photoshopped? :p

    On a random note you happen to have the same join date and age as I do. I knew you were awesome somehow. Kinda weird that you're an '08er though cause I've never seen you on here before.
    Nope, everything is fine. Fantastic roster btw. I would most certainly play in it.
    Cracked Screens FTW V___V Thanks on the video though :p

    You probably have been tbh, we all have at one point which honestly makes it even more fun to me XD

    Pokemon arguments are the best
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