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  • Played Lucas against a scrub today and almost lost :D My Lucas is trashhhhhhhhhhhh
    okies, well idk what to have my fingers crossed for xD

    But good luck with the scholarship!

    If you do come back to QLD we will have to team and use Lucas+Lucas or Lucas + Ness :D
    (That's if no one else booked you for teams :o)
    PK fire spacing with Lucas is great now!!!!!!

    Just gotta stop the PK freezing by mistake >.>

    Oh and I only use UpSmash when my enemy is on last stock or I don't use it at all now~
    Yer, I guess but it was a sweet kill ^_^

    What are you joking D:
    I'll never be better then Luco but I can try :p

    I promise I'll get to top 8 :p
    Thanks a lot Lucas has gotten heaps beast since you gave me advice :D

    P.S I got the best down air KO on this mario user as well.

    I didn't play well in that match but I can send the replay through mediafire if you wanna see it.
    I got the hang of short hops now ^_^
    I pretty much go crazy with short hops and N-airs and side airs now.

    I'm still trying to do that d-tilt lock and side smash with Lucas D:

    This was lucas a month after SS but he is even better now because i don't spam rolls :D

    farrrrk, sorry (about forgetting, I'm terrible with names for at least the first 3 encounters !_!). I wasn't 100% sure. Nah I'm not going....See you next time you travel out of state :D
    Hey, I'm wanting to at the last minute come up to QLD for the tournament, and was just wondering whether or not you had space in your hotel room?

    Looking forward to meeting you/playing you (you weren't at the last QLD tournament were you?)
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