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MPH Deku
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  • Art With Your Power is an art contest in which users can submit artwork in the form of drawings/paintings/photography/etc., for a winner to be decided by a panel of judges. It can be found in the Artwork Emporium (it's stickied, so it should be at the top of the page).

    If you wanna know more about it, just go there.
    I didn't make the Mimedroid account. It was either another FG regular, or a guest who decided to have some fun when he read my "autobiography".
    The two words "super ultra" are something used by three characters in the Tales games.
    Zelos Wilder (Symphonia) uses "Super Ultra Gorgeous Beauty" as a nickname for Raine Sage.
    Dist the Reaper (Abyss) uses "super ultra gorgeous artes" to describe his robot's attacks.
    Karol Capel (Vesperia) first calls his guild the "Super Ultra Courageous Braves".

    Whoops, sorry. When I clicked on "Last Page", it took me to the second-to-last page for some reason. :laugh:
    A brief biography of the evil MIMEDROID:

    Well, after my father was killed by Kraid, infamous member of the Space Pirates, I met a young boy named Rock, on a journey to bring peace to the universe. Together, we traversed the galaxies, seeking to destroy all and any war we came across, not through the power of brute force, but through our wit, charm, and calm nature.

    Every now and then, we did get to bust some bad guy ***, though.

    Anyway, we once came across an evil scientist named Sly Dinkofur, who attempted to destroy us, seeking attention through his destruction and chaos of our dream of everlasting peace. We beat him senseless, of course, but not before he used his EVIL RAY OF EVIL on me. At first, it seemed that the ray had no effect, but the next day, I woke with a start. Alone, in a parking lot at Galaxy Burger. And I realized something horrid.

    Overnight, all of the evil and darkness inside of me commanded me to subconsciously perform a number of destructive and chaotic acts. I realized this after being noticed as the guy who mooned the restaurant employees.

    Extremely confused and disturbed, I sought help from doctor/scientist Dr. Light, who separatd this evil side of mine.

    Unfortunately, there was a malfunction in the process, and the evil regenerated itself as an opposite of me, inverted in goals, dreams, and fashion sense. Thus, THE EVIL MIMEDROID was conceived.

    So, does that explain everything?
    Hey, ggs. Though a bit spammy (everyone is, right), you were great opposition. thanks again!
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