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  • I have to make some changes to prevent you from being automatically re-banned. I'll try to unban you today.
    Lmfao. Best rap ever. Thanks dude. Get on FF friday cus I'll have 5 billion questions.
    Yo mofo. I was wondering if you're not too busy this Friday can you help me install homebrew and stuff cus I have no idea how to put the texture i edited into my wii.
    yaya i know mang. but i mind game back and say south america thingy HAAAAAAA
    Search Kaffeii on Rankings. I retired. and No I am not giving away my account lolol
    Hello. I've noticed you're compiling stage texture hacks.

    I'm Midnite Shaymin from Smash Enigmas.
    To help you with your mission, here are my latest stage textures:

    Eladard (Corneria texture)
    Nostalgic Destination (FD texture) (preview video)
    GAME BY ME!!!!!!!

    OK, so I didn't technically make the game; I just texture edited (actually, it is called sprite editing, but texture editing sounds better), music editing, and a bit of model editing. So, I have this final product:

    Download Link to Cat Mario.rar

    Download it, and copy & paste the folder in it (called CAT MARIO!!!) onto your Desktop.

    OK,so controls are just like a normal Mario game, but powerups generally hurt you (after playing this a lot, u will see what I mean), lots of stuff is incredibly unfair (again, just play the game, you will understand), and you are shaped like a cat! So, the game is called Cat Mario. There are only 4 levels, and each one of them is very hard. If you need help, just look around on youtube for stuff like "Cat Mario Walkthrough" or something. The levels all have really good music that I like, and there is an extremely epic piece of music that you will hear on the last level, if you get that far. There are infininte lives, (you go into negatives, lol) btw, but you can't save your progress, so don't quit the game constantly. Right now,I can get to the last level without losing more than 30 lives, and I am actually GOOD at it (I have never beaten the game,lol).

    Tell your friends! NOWWWW!!! *or just copy&paste his huge wall of text, and say that cookiemonster posted it).
    Ugh what is up with the lag we are having these days i remember the older days we had no lag whatsoever :\
    Thats exactly what i tried Anyway i'll just ask a friend of mine for TP and then i'll hack the **** out of my wii lmao
    Isnt there any other way you can just put homebrew and ocarina on you SD or something and then just install it xD lmao i suck at hacking stuff :p
    Yes im working on it but i was trying to use a new way of getting it with boot.dol or something but it didnt work
    Is there any way to get it W/o twilight princess?
    You deserve to be slapped in the face for not knowing about smashboards
    lmao you should use a Giga bowser cpu again in FFA with people that was fun
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