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  • Ah my internet is going down again. I really need to get it looked at.

    And I chose battlefield to start also :laugh:

    GG'S Mobious. It was fun! Hectic, and laggy unfortunately, but fun nonetheless =D
    You have a good Lucario there

    You would've won if I didn't pick Rainbow Cruise :p
    Alright I hosted. And I'm DTP btw.
    And Good luck to you too =D
    Ok I'm back. Lets finally do our match =D
    I'm kinda nervous now
    I'll be on in 5 mins
    And I have you added already =D

    Whats your Cp?
    Mine will be Rainbow Cruise
    Ok I added you, but I don't think wifi is working again...
    I asked Fatmanonice for a deadline extension though
    Ugh...... that was horrible....

    Internet connections fail at the worst times....

    Anyways, we'll try and do this tomorrow
    ok, I just started brawling someone, so I'll be there in a bit ok.
    I won't be too long =D
    I am your next opponent for the Cosby bebop tournament =D

    We have until 6pm eastern tomorrow to do our match.

    But I work at 3pm eastern so lets try and do it before then ok =D
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