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  • Yup just thought i'd befriend those on ness thread, been here for a year, so seems appropriate. ^^
    awesome, i'll pm you in a few minutes when i get them separated out - also you do have an sd card right? that's how we do the bulk orders. lol I just said sweet, cool, and awesome, i'm such a poser :p
    cool, that's actually why i started this thing in the summer, and now i need help because of school and gf. so do you want some to do right away? i've got 40/87 left to finish up for kiros. and i'll put you on the thread as a contact and everything. :)
    sweet, so do you want to help out? if so I can take care of everything and start working out details
    Cool beans! I'll have a two links PM'd to you for testing! Make sure to leave the texture names unchanged, you'll get why.
    Alright! Cool! I have two versions, unaltered and altered. Unaltered is the version I posted while altered has some tiny changes. It'd be great if you could try out both versions. Can I count on you to decide which one will go to public release?
    Hey.. I read your comment on the Texture Database about my Meta Knight. Wanna do a test run?
    o well if you want i will re send the friendship request ok but in sometimes i feel that because is not only you is most of the persons that i want to talk with they i can't or no reply me again

    well mob sorry for not be a good friend ...i go because .....sigh....sigh ..you will be feel fear about my real self so i go........bye.....sigh
    hi mob a well about the brawl i want to you meet a good friend that i have is alex and the nickname here is straked ok is very good with ness ok

    hi mob well i notice about the spring break so be happy ok yay for the break for the spring break lol
    o well maybe a good smash in my case well is the school but i will have free the thuesday's and thursday's so i will try to be more in the brawls but i want to not have a lags mean while that happen is too disliking is like see it in the mode of the melee of fixed speed to slow motion
    a well is easy to say it is because i don't see to you have a bad intentions and also you like to use ness and well i feel that you are a nice person and well im happy and honored for be your friend and more happy for you are fine too lol
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