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  • what game you guys are playing? right now
    Deleted member
    Not much because of issues I can't comment on this post.

    For the most part mobile games such as Sonic Forces Speed Battle and Sonic Dash.
    Phoenix Douchebag
    Wario Land Shake It. The gameplay suffers from a heavy underuse of transformations (which was one of the best features of Wario Land 2, 3 and 4) and the Dash Move (not to be confused with his standard Shoulder Bash) is no longer done by Wario gaining momentum while holding the button but instead by using Machines found in the level. Plus the rocket and submarine levels suck ass. However the rest of the game is solid, the Motion Controls outside of those 2 i mentioned are nice, the game is filled with fun collectibles and the presentation is superb. Makes me wish we got more Wario Land games after this.
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