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  • Hi M2K, a lot of people and I have been wondering for a while if you were possibly invited to the Super Smash Bros. Invitational? And if you weren't, are you planning on going to E3 at all? Thanks man.
    Just wondering, how do you ledge stall so close the the ledge and not vanish beneath the stage and die?
    Hi M2K. I've noticed there were some errors in your Melee statistics page under Ice Climbers on Fire. I'm guessing they were supposed to be photos? I'd really like to see them. Also great job at RoM7, your intense play styles never cease to amaze me! I look forward to facing you one day. Are you planning on going to SKTAR 3?
    Hey, when you were commentating on stream last weekend you asked if you should stream Legend of Zelda and, I don't know if you noticed, but the feedback in the twitch chat was extreemly positive. Is there a chance you might actually do it?
    Mew2King, you were looking for ways to counteract carpal tunnel, and I have a definitive answer. You simply apply peppermint and lavender essential oil topically and it will go away. So far, I've seen it work for 3 out of 3 people. You have to go with a quality brand. Young Living brand is the only one I use. Let me know how it works. Do you already have it or is this a preemptive strategy?
    Hi M2K. I know this is weird, but i want something from you. My dream is to become the next big brawl smasher and I think I got what it takes to become that. I just need your help. And your training too. I live really close to you and I am willing to put in the time and effort (and money) to become this. I just need your training. Thank you for reading this, please msg back
    Hey man! I don't have a FB so I guess this will do. Are you guys still looking for artists and what exactly are you guys doing? Is there any way to PM you or should I drop you an email?
    So you said there was a link in your sig that was about GameCube controllers for wii U? I'm on my phone and I'm having trouble finding it

    Like you said you were gonna make them yourself, or something?

    **** i always forget your mew2king, whenever i see that portrait i think your some random
    I played my fraudulent-ass Fox today, and people were all: "HOLY SHIET, MAN!! I'VE NEVER SEEN FOX PLAYED LIKE THAT BEFORE!!"

    My response was: "Mew2King does it better."
    Your an amazing smash player. I been seeing a lot of your matches at some of the big thernys. I'm trying to get into competitive play on pm and was wondering if I can get any tips on improving my game
    @Mew2King I recently got permission from my dad to come to a tournament so all the training that I've been doing now how some meaning. Get ready cuz im coming for you!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHH!!!!!
    I am a better player when nothings on the line. how should I get rid of the stress I feel when in a serious competion. how did you handle the stress of tournament play?
    It's sad people make stupid threads like this one:
    Mew2King was last seen: Viewing thread Why Mew2King should be banned from the community!!, Today at 1:27 PM
    you are a beast at comboing in melee
    Tell him something he doesn't know about a smash game, oh wait, it can't be done. Utmost respect for you M2K, Jesus loves you.
    Can't wait to see you play PM at Apex 2014! I suggest you play Mewtwo, Zelda, or even Olimar. One doesn't often see the Pros switch it up, but since you play everyone you could do it. You need someone in PM who isn't a fast faller. Otherwise those Zeldas will take advantage.

    Hope you take 1st!
    You're an impressive Melee player. I identify with your mains, because I enjoy playing Sheik, Marth, and Mewtwo as well. Keep up your great work! Love watching your matches.
    Are you not going to do Project M at Apex? If slots were the problem, they upped the amount recently.
    hey mew2king! I just heard, your middle name is sheldon, which is funny because your so smart like the one in this series... :D
    (I know you here this a lot)
    we love you no matter if you win or lose, your the coolest guy and do the coolest stuff!
    please stay the way you are
    YOU THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey M2K, just popping in to say I really look up to your skill as a player in all aspects of Smash. Best of luck to you in all of your future exploits.
    Hey Jason, I'm new to Melee, and since you're a pioneer to the Marth ditto match-up, and my favourite player of all time, I was wondering if you had any tips or preferences?
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