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  • I can't really sign you guys up for you unless you give me your info so I can personally make you an account. Try making another one, and tell me the error you get if you get one. It seems we have a lot of people kind of unconfirmed or haven't signed up on the page that are going, so things are about to get confusing...

    If you could try again though I would appreciate it a lot.
    You can sign up whenever you want, you can even come in the day of tourney without signing up.

    However, it makes it SOOO much easier for me knowing how many people to expect. If you haven't already, pleeease sign up on the AIB page. I'll write you down for a T.V. and Wii though.

    And thanks sooo much for the offer, if you could bring even MORE people you'd be definitely one of my favorite attendees.
    Hey, sorry to re-post, but the tourney I am hosting is coming up soon. I'm in the final stretch for equipment and attendees, so I would really appreciate if you could tell me if you can make it and bring a Wii/TV.

    Thank you!
    Dude, I am soooo tired of hearing that debate. -.- I was done with it after the first vote.
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