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  • But if you do play PM I personally think you should play either a Brawl character or someone outside of the Melee top 6.
    What's with all the hate toward PM and SDR? Too afraid to learn more than 8 matchups, I guess.
    Loving SD Remix right now. You guys seriously need to give it a chance as a side thing.
    In other news, L-cancelling with Z just feels SO right. Why have I not been doing this before?
    I'll make it to more events once my hand heals up. Right now I can't even use my left index finger.
    I can see why you left the DR man >.< *shrugs* that place ain't how it used to be...

    Trying to make the best of it tho...
    My posts seemed to get ignored a lot even though I thought they were interesting enough... Ah well, you're right. I'll probably still post there once I think of something constructive.
    The DR is like a TV channel that shows re-runs. At first it's interesting, then it gets annoying.

    Then when something new does happen I be like "about damn time!". lol
    For real. A lot of the topics seem to kinda run together.
    I mean I don't hate it that much but I pretty much agree with Hayden about its competitive merit. I'll still play it some though.
    Apologies to anyone who had to listen to me try to defend Sm4sh back in like October lol. I just wanted that game to be good so bad.
    Great night even thought the turnout wasn't huge. Wish I could've stayed for Pokemon. You guys make my day every time!
    Also I'm super hyped for Star Fox Zero and Fire Emblem Fates. Haven't been this hyped for anything in a long time!
    Shoutout to Melee for allowing me to retain vivid childhood memories and create even more as time goes by...
    Really enjoying Smash 4 Mewtwo. I'll probably have to play him different than PM, but I do think he's viable. The alts look sweet!
    Gonna play some more Melee to get ready for Melee Kombat 3, then play some Smash 4 when Mewtwo comes out in a few days.
    More great games last night! Hopefully my PM installs correctly when 3.6 comes out.
    the hell are you doing liking a post I made in November anyway :P
    I was at Cheddar's with @72cm, @Doubledorf, and a bunch of others after our "Smashing cancer" event and I'd had 2 of the strongest drinks there, so my state caused me to remember that post about how someone apparently thought PSASBR was some really bad Brawl hack, and that was pretty much my favorite post on Smashboards.
    Another memorable night with the Waco Smashers! Great job raising money for cancer research! AG, my match with you was hype!
    Great games tonight, everyone! Aldo, Jeffrey, 72cm, and all the rest! Look forward to doing it again!
    I don't think I could ever drop one Smash game for another. I'll play both PM and Melee, and even Smash 4.
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