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I stalk have a crush on Lady Gaga and main ****ty low tier characters like Mewtwo. The only smasher worse than me is that n00b SleezyWeezel.

Mainly gonna focus on Smash Ultimate. Semi-retired in Melee and PM. I'll play 64, Brawl, and Smash 4 if it's there. Ehh.

Outside of Smash, I love me some Soul Calibur VI and BlazBlue.

So I figured I'd update this as most of the info is, well, out of date. For anyone bored enough to read the history of a low-level literally-who Smasher from a one-horse town, this should be a fun read.

Like all you other kiddos, I played the hell out of Smash 64 and Melee when they were new, and a bit of Brawl in my teens. I honestly had no idea competitive scene existed until early 2014, and later that same year, I decided to dive headfirst into the scene myself. Admittedly, the Smash Doc fueled my interest a bit so call me a Doc Kid if you want. I also used to be that annoying anti-tier guy who was totally sure my Mewtwo could beat any Fox.

Ultimately, my main inspiration to jump into the scene was my friend Aldo(Anonymous), who was the person I discovered the doc through in the first place. He talked about hosting tournaments and I was totally down for dat ishh, and so it began. A few days before Smash 4's release, Aldo's House 1 was hosted with a modest turnout. As the name implied, it was hosted at his place with setups in several rooms. A pretty rad way to start things out, even if I got bodied like no tomorrow.

From there on out, we hopped around venues with varying success before firmly establishing Lansharx Gaming Center as our main venue. Overall, 2014 was fun in regards to Smash. It was a great time to get into the series with 4 coming out and the competitive scene as bustling as ever. Like many others at the time, I had stars in my eyes and aspired to one day compete on a national level. Around this time I also joined Melee Hell. Still in its early days, I experienced some of the dankest ****posts in history and even became an admin before the purge happened.

Initially, I only played Melee; it was the only Smash game I owned at the time other than Smash 64, but I quickly learned that the Waco scene mostly favored Project M. I quickly shifted focus to that game after snagging a cheap Wii with an SD card, and became addicted like no tomorrow. Every night, I'd practice as much as I could on my own, and mess around with Melee on the side still.

As for Smash 4, well, I got the 3DS version, but 2014 was a year of bad financial straits for me, so a Wii U was out of my reach. Even though I kept saying I would get one, I never did. I played a tiny but of Smash 4 here and there and had some aspirations to get good at it, but nothing ever came of that.

Either way, I continued to play Melee and PM very actively throughout the year, well into 2015, and definitely showed signs of improvement. I was able to beat some of the better local players and developed a fairly good Marth in Melee while sharpening my Mewtwo and Wolf in PM. Despite all this, I never placed particularly high even at locals.

However, around April of 2015 things began to turn sour. To put it simply, I felt I was no longer welcome in the Waco Smash scene. Many players, including Aldo, would avoid talking to me at venues, talk down to me, and lambast me for every small mistake I made. I was generally treated like a nuisance or an outcast. I was even removed from the Waco Smash Facebook group at one point. The worst part was, I still don't fully understand what caused it.

Admittedly, I did sometimes act annoying at the venue. I'm a fairly extroverted person, and I think I just tried to talk to people too much to the point where it felt like I wouldn't shut up. Also, I fully admit that some of my wins did give me a bit of an ego, as I'd never really done half-decent at a fighting game before. Still, I didn't mean to offend anyone and feel like it wasn't entirely my fault. Going to tournaments around this time was nerve wracking, as I never knew if I had said or done something wrong.

Compounding this was drama within the group itself. Smash 4 players would get very vocal if we hosted a tournament with Melee as the main event, even though Aldo tried to be fair to everyone. This was also the point where the entire community collectively turned its back on PM, relegating it to either side events or nothing at all. I was the one guy left who still loved it, but regardless tried to transition to purely Melee.

This more or less continued until Fall of 2015, and I could not for the life of me tell you why it stopped, it just did. Suddenly, out of the blue, everyone was friendly with me again like the year prior. They acted like it never happened. I never got any solid info even when I asked, beyond a few minor players commenting that I was kinda annoying.

I continued to attend locals throughout most of 2015, but in November of that year, I attended what, at the time of typing this was the last tourney I ever went to. As you might guess, I largely left the scene at this point.

I began to realize that I probably wouldn't ever be a top-level Smasher, especially not in Melee, and PM didn't matter anymore according to everyone else. Many odds were stacked against me. No one would hire me, so I was flat broke most of the time and had to bum rides and mooch venue fee money from my dad. I was trapped in my mom's house most of the time too and literally had to sneak out almost every time I went to a tournament, often coming home to a locked door. Finding a CRT was a wild goose chase, and I lived the furthest away from everyone else, so practicing with other people was impractical. Lansharx and Hasting's both closed their doors, so it's slim pickings for venues these days.

Not to mention, I was never all that great at Smash.

All that being said, Smash Ultimate will probably be out by the time I'm done writing all this, and I did happen to pre-order the game. So much has changed since my lowest of low points when I was shunned. I've got a wonderful girlfriend of three years, a steady job, new friends, and a better outlook on life. Maybe it's high time I take another crack at this whole Smash thing.


"See, in Brawl, you can't do dat." -KingFlanagan

t h e p r o p h e t s p e a k s

"PM?" - Blast

Disco Stick wielder extraordinaire.

Newcomers I've wanted over the years:
Wolf (Added in Brawl, removed in Smash 4, re-added in Ultimate)
Wario (Added in Brawl)
Sonic (Added in Brawl)
Ridley (Added in Ultimate)
King K. Rool (Added in Ultimate)
Anna (pls)
Knuckles (Assist trophy RIP)

Mains (In order of usage)
Smash 64 mains: Pikachu, Luigi

Melee mains: Mewtwo, Marth

Brawl mains: Wolf, Link
Brawl secondary: Sonic
Brawl casual/for fun: Snake, Wario

Project M mains: Mewtwo, Wolf

Smash 4 main: Mewtwo

Smash Ultimate Mains: Mewtwo, Wolf

Sep 10, 1992 (Age: 30)
A man destined to be king
Smash 64 Main
Melee Main
Brawl Main
Project M Main
Smash 3DS Main
Smash Wii U Main
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"I want the deepest, darkest, sickest parts of you that you are afraid to share with anyone else because I love you that much."


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