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Lord Viper
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  • Ok, but it comes out next month for me so you have to wait a min until it comes out.
    If KG2 come's out next year then I'll get you KG completed box set for you. Be happy I'm doing this. :D
    It was too good to be true, lol.

    Oh well, maybe next time Viper you'll get him to realize that your Kirby is GOD!!! Sure made a fool out of my Ike, Ness, and Jigglypuff. T_T
    Yes, we know Viper's Pink Kirby is too much, and we should all know that he should use it in more tournments, but he only used it once and he won that tournment fast. O_o

    I wish it was on Youtube but no recording though. ;p
    Viper put's the hammer down on yet another unlucky sap. -_-;

    Can we all say that Viper's Pink Kirby is too good and that's why he should use it to win every tournment known to men?
    I hope your happy Viper since what happened yesterday, you made me admit I can't beat you and that really hurts Viper. I hope your happy but i'm not. :(
    Be quiet Viper I calm her down now so she's not scared, she don't like suprises that's all.
    I heard you played Kirby only in a toruney two days ago and I heard you pown that torunment and 3 stock about 5 times!?!?! Was that true?
    Thank you Viper. I wish I didn't have to leave the US so I can face you in Brawl again. ;_;
    Hey Viper what up I finally made it and you might know who this is right.
    Hey Viper I've hope you didn't see that didn't you. on my visitor message and if you did you've would been disapointed or crack up laughing. Or mostly disapointed.
    Here's what your main's should be. Kirby, Ness, Peach, Ice Climbers, Luigi, and Mario. Any other chracter you play should be only be for fun. Are you smart to understand this?
    Alright, but you do know I have to pick Pink Kirby so you can remember who is the best Kirby. ;D
    If you get the chance, in October bring Mario Super Slugger & Super Smash Bros. Brawl over to my new apartment in Texas.
    Hi my name is DK2 it's nice to meet you. I just wondering that is it ok we play brawl sometime if that ok with you.

    friend code 1805-4015-6048

    p.s Let me know if you want a challenge.
    Yachiru is my third favorie so that's why I pick her a lot, but Momo is my first favorite so that's why I don't pick her a lot, kind when I pick Mario a lot and not pick Kirby a lot. Saving the best for last, lol.
    A Momo Avatar now. You have too many wierd favorite Female chracters Viper. XD

    But I though you liked Yachiru more though. You pick her a lot on every Bleach game you'd played.
    Hey Viper what up I just wondering that is it ok I challenge one of your friends. I know you think it suicide but it up to you and some of your friends decision for just a shot for just to test out my skills. And thats all I wanted to know thanks Viper.
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