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Recent content by Lord Viper

  1. Lord Viper

    Which Byleth Alt Color Will You Choose?

    Sothis alt, though I did wanted her actual outfit to be in the game but I can understand why it’s not. At least it’s in Three Houses.
  2. Lord Viper

    Byleth: Joins House Smash Brothers Social Thread

    I welcome any one of my favorite Fire Emblem characters, Byleth is one of my top favorites. I just hope recovery isn’t an issue as Sakurai makes it.
  3. Lord Viper

    Coming Right Back At Ya: Kirby for Smash Switch discussion

    So far I haven’t been concerned about tiers until the game release, but I have to admit I don’t want Kirby to be underplayed due to repetitive gameplay like in Brawl and Smash WIIU.
  4. Lord Viper

    Will Kirby be a bottom or low tier in Smash Ultimate?

    So far his buffs has been on the right spot, his air game however is still iffy. But if they keep up the buff momentum he could be better than mid tier IMO.
  5. Lord Viper

    What has Nintendo done to upset you?

    ☯ My biggest complaint about Sticker Star was getting lost easily after Chapter 2 without a guide, don't get me started how much of a nightmare it was going through Chapter 3 with no guide. The very first Paper Mario I never did a second playthrough. I hope Color Splash doesn't follow that...
  6. Lord Viper

    Fire Emblem: The Discussion Thread (keep FE Fates story under spoilertags)

    ☯ Just got my Limited Edition today, can't wait until my system transfer is competed so I can play. Just in case nobody believes me: ★
  7. Lord Viper

    Kirby Changes Patch 1.1.4

    ☯ It's too soon to tell, but I still think Kirby is underplayed in this game. I do fell that even with the Air Hammer and Final Cutter nerf I think Smash 4 Kirby is more tournament worthy. ★
  8. Lord Viper

    First Official 4BR Smash for Wii U Tier List

    ☯ I thought Kirby would be at least the middle of Mid tier due to his gameplay and match ups, I guess I'm clueless about his meta game, lol. Hopefully they give him better buffs next time. ★
  9. Lord Viper

    Mario Universe Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

    ☯ This game is more underrated than Dream Team. That being said, I can understand why reviewers are kind of harsh towards it, but for the most part I'm enjoying it. My only problem is very little Paper Mario format, and too many Paper Toad rescue missions, other than that, I'm solid about this...
  10. Lord Viper

    Phoenix Wright series (Ace Attorney Trilogy now on 3DS)

    ☯ Hopefully some more time that Athena being the leader attorney. I can't wait to see some gameplay. ★
  11. Lord Viper

    Smash 4 Controller Lag Comparison

    ☯ Wii U Controller Pro for me, my second would be Classic Controller Pro. More buttons to use and gives me more options. Takes some time to get use to, but I like the payoff. ★
  12. Lord Viper

    the fan kirby copy abilities tier list

    ☯ I would change the list a nice amount, is the list about individual usefulness or Kirby vs Character? ★
  13. Lord Viper

    Favourite Ability to copy?

    ☯ My top favorite is Shulk's ability, with Kirby saying Buster or Shield. My second favorite is Bowser's ability when Kirby uses his Fire Breath. <3 ★
  14. Lord Viper

    Mario Universe How to save the New Super Mario Bros. series

    ☯ One of my problems with the series is the surprise that NSMB DS and Wii did, (A lot of different bosses, or the Koopalings), I haven't seen many that throw me off. Honestly if NSMB 2 didn't exist the series would had worked better. NSMB U had a great final boss and stage designs, while NSMB...
  15. Lord Viper

    ☯ I do, I just don't play it beyond Monday and Tuesday due to work. ★

    ☯ I do, I just don't play it beyond Monday and Tuesday due to work. ★
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