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  • Sheik, peach, and marth. Characters i rarely play, even online, i gotta play u.

    Fox and Falcon?!? lol, Thats like my Falco and Falcon, we need to falcon ditto lol. U good with ATs?
    brawl ones are cuz no ones good and the good ones will counterpick gay me like that one guy did :|
    yeah im washing it otherwise i would have worn it...haha and idk if im going again...they're boring.
    wait do you mean when i suicided myself on accident? i accidently fastfalled onto it by mistake XD
    I can do the forward throw infinite on the lighter characters pretty easily,but heavier ones,ehh,not really.Most of the time i do the footstool infinite. Sometimes i will also do the iceblock lock, but i didnt last tournament. There are SOOOO many combinations of throws and crap with IC's,lol. What's funny is,ive pretty much spent most of my time actually training with 1 climber,i would recommend you do that to. Idk if you saw it but during my match i held out quite a long time against Ike as one climber,my training payed off haha.It's just Nana's AI is DEFINITELY not trustworthy and you will need a backup plan when she dies.
    no...you dash attacked and D.A.s auto pick up items when you're right over them...i just timed it perfect to grab you as you did it XD
    Hey man! Yeah, i was soo itchin to use IC but i just didnt feel too ready. I practiced a little last night and got a tad better at fighting desynced,but still needs some work haha. Unfortunaly next tournament is 2v2 so IC are kinda out of the picture. Come next 1v1 I might be IC magority of the time.
    oh YOU were the marth? haha yeah he's one of my bad matchups XP. but Everyone knows that snakes **** uptilt is god ^.^ nice CG's too ive never seen that done with marth...its usually just fthrow to fsmash or fair
    Hey, i saw that u lived in elmwood, I live in the elmwood district too and was seeing that u guys had a tournament of some sort that was about to happen.

    (copied from Skirby's mesage) yea its the same thing. too lazy. sleep time
    ahh well we need to get that elmwood thing going i need to smash BADLY
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